So, it seems that most weekend, I get sick. On Thursday and Friday I will be feeling slightly cold-like, and then BAM! as soon as it’s the weekend I’m down for the count, with a fever, a blocked nose, the works.

As Monday arrives, BAM! I’m slightly cold-chillish again.

Someone needs to investigate this, because I haven’t heard of anyone else who has these symptoms. A few of my friends have Mondayitis and Fridayitis (very often inexplicably away on these days), which are completely reasonable and common throughout the world, no one gets sick on the weekends. The weekend is for fun; to catch up on homework and friends. So why am I sick all the time???

If anybody wants to get their deerstalker thinking hat on, I’d be much obliged. Or, on the other hand, if you’d like to tell an anecdote about your / your friends strange illnesses, I’d welcome them – misery seeks company.

The One Good Thing that comes out of this is that however sick I am, I’m not too sick to gaze at a screen, which is why I am watching Sherlock again. Coincidence? I think not, Watson – there is no such thing! (oh…..this is one of the back-logged posts I was going to do about my time in Israel – I promise I’ll post it very soon!!!)

As I am watching the special features for series one, what do I spot, like the good wannabe-but-really-hopeless-detective that I am??


I have that coat!!!! (On the left)

I have that coat!!!! (On the right)


One thought on “Weekenditis

  1. […] So, those four days three days were really low points in my holiday is some aspects, and a great highlight in one. As I was trying to keep a diary, and also stay in contact with friends, it means I have quite a bit of information on them, which means you get a first hand account, along with some quotes from my real, and messy, journal (if you want to know why I’m doing this NOW, rather than at the time, see this short post, and this one) […]

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