Sherlock Holmes and the Case Of Timing

10th -12th January 2012

Subtitled: A Few  A Bit Not Good Days In Israel: this is basically a whine-about-bad-luck email, apart from about two sentences. You have been warned.

So, those four days three days were really low points in my holiday is some aspects, and a great highlight in one. As I was trying to keep a diary, and also stay in contact with friends, it means I have quite a bit of information on them, which means you get a first hand account, along with some quotes from my real, and messy, journal (if you want to know why I’m doing this NOW, rather than at the time, see this short post, and this one)

10th Jan: In the wee hours of the morning (3) my maternal granddad (with whom we were staying with at the time, along with my grandma, in their house in Qiryat Tivon) collapsed, wheezing badly, on his way to the bathroom, and as he fell mum woke up and quickly ran to make sure he didn’t hit his head on the floor, ending up pulling him onto her on the floor. She checked his heart and put him into the safe horizontal with Dad, who was by this time also awake (so was I and my gran – my brother and sister missed the whole thing) and granddad wasn’t conscious and he was wheezing really badly; mum thought he’d had a heart attack or something, so she was telling grandma to call and ambulance, QUICK, and so she did. They sent one immediately, but they didn’t tell gran that it was already on the way, they just kept asking questions to try and establish the situation, for example whether he was conscious or in pain and things like that, and she got a bit angry and panicked because she presumed that they were questioning her before they’d sent the ambulance (which wasn’t the case). Anyway, in the end it turns out that he fainted because of low blood pressure which was caused by the medicine that he’d taken because of his normally high blood pressure – it was new, and furthermore he may have taken the dosage twice by accident.

What also came out of this scare is that as my mum fell on her knee when she caught my granddad, it twisted because of the angle, and as a result it swelled up and hurts quite a lot;at first the doctors thought that she had pulled a muscle or something, but it has now been some months after the accident, and after another fall, it seems as though she either has a ACL tear or a LM intact or both, and requires surgery. NOT GOOD.

11th Jan: We had planned to go to Ako on this day, and due to my mum’s insistence we went ahead with plan. Possibly not our best idea, considering what happened. At first, it started out in a really nice way – we got to the market and were walking around looking at all the different wares and Israeli sweets (delicious) and the old stone buildings.

But then mum’s cellphone got pinched in the market – this guy bumped into her hard and just kept walking, and so she kind of tapped him on the back and said, “sorry, you say sorry”, but he only upped the pace and tried to disappear. Mum happened to check her bag, just in case, you know, as a reflect reaction? Because these things happen, the guy was acting suspiciously; you read about the bump method all the time, and sure enough, the phone was gone. So dad goes after the guy, because he was acting suspiciously, and we all follow because otherwise we’d all get hopelessly lost in the alleys. And dad catches up to him, but the guy doesn’t admit to anything, so dad tries to ring the cellphone to prove his point, but as soon as he looks down at his phone the guy is off again, really fast, and we lose dad and the guy because there’s six of us, including my little sister and mum, who can’t walk fast at all since her knee got injured.In the end what happened was that the guy just ran like hell, and dad lost him because as the guy was slowing down the market people warned him that someone was after him, and the guy just disappeared into the back alleys somewhere. And of course the thief had by this time turned the phone off so we couldn’t ring it and see if dad could hear it or anything…. So the guy got away.

The thing is that not only was the phone a birthday present, and quite expensive in and of itself, it also had lots and lots of numbers on it which aren’t in our phonebook, and 6 years worth of irreplaceable photographs, most of which were relevant to mum’s papers and her doctorate, as well about half her doctorate itself (though that, mercifully, she has copies of)…so basically, priceless in terms of photos. And of course, she won’t get it back, ever, because all you have to do is switch sim cards, find the password on the phone, wipe it clean and sell it. The police, which we rang  that day and visited the day after, weren’t of any help, and there has been no trace of the phone at all.

12th Jan:  Well, on the 10th January, what also happened was that – squeee!!! – “Found Sherlock!” In Israel, there’s a programme a bit like sky where you can watch TV series and movies etc, and I’d been looking for Sherlock, having seen the first episode at a Dr Who marathon party (erm, yes. I plead the case of same writers??) after waiting for ages and being really disappointed because I couldn’t watch them on TV, and waiting in anticipation for some spare time to watch them (finally) on dvd at home. And then I found it – YUS!!!! 😀  So I’d immediately sat down to watch The Blind Baker, only to find that 90 minutes episodes are very hard to watch when there are other people in the house who want to watch the basketball/TV/talk very loudly beside you/ go to sleep, and it was a rather difficult experience.

The 12th dawned early for me, as I didn’t sleep well again and woke up sick – high fever, blocked nose, sore thoat, the works (much like today, actually but even worse). Well, I thought to myself. I’m going to be miserable all day. I’m definitely not going anywhere. Let’s do a Sherlock marathon and watch EVREYTHONG I can!!! I can do a LOTR marathon non-stop no problems (plus special features and as in the extended editions, which means, more than 14 hours) so I reckoned I’d be fine.

“However, as always, life interrupted, this time in the form of blissfully innocent little sisters and cousins, so I am banished from the TV. It doesn’t help that I think I missed the most funny parts of the series so far because of my annoying family, who seem to think that the best time for grandad to try to force me outside into the cold for a walk, because won’t that do me good when I’m sick (I spent 1/4 hour saying no thankyou, no, really, thanks but no thanks and variations thereof until he finally gave up and went upstairs. Then he started again when he came back down Also, everyone keeps telling me to turn the volume down, so I have it on 18, which means that the music is reasonably loud, but I can’t hear what anyone is saying…even more so than normal, because my ears are completely blocked.”

So I waited and emailed various people telling them how pitiful my state was, and things like “OMG!!!!! Sherlock is amazing, Cumberbatch sounds exactly like a mix of Alan Rickman and Tom Hiddleston….EXACTLY. Even my dad noticed the Alan Rickman bit!!! And he has character, and Freeman is such a brilliant actor – The show is SO SO SO GOOD!!!! The entire sheet scene in Scandal in Belgravia 😛 hilarious” etc. I also ate my first meal of the day at 4:30pm. After the little people left, (I almost cheered out loud), I saw the rest of series 2 – I was dreading The Reichenbach Fall, as I was haunted by tales of terror and nightmares that had been experienced by people who saw Sherlock Jump.

Well. During the last 10 minutes of The Reichenbach Fall, everyone just seemed to drift onto the couch, and so I had my grandma commenting loudly and and my granddad snorting derisively at the rubbish I was watching, and my brother asking aggravatiing questions, and my mum popping in at the very last, very emotional scene to comment that Martin Freeman is a really believable, solid actor, and people saying stuff like, “So Sherlock dies” in this disinterested way, and it was TOO MUCH!!!

And the question is now: H.O.W. How did Sherlock do it???

I’ve read a lot of conspiracy theories, most of which are remarkably similar, but I found an article in Radio Times which had this excruciatingly agonising statement:

Moffat admitted he had been following the fevered speculation about how Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, could appear alive and well in the last scene of the episode, despite having apparently fallen to his death and, indeed, been buried. But according to Moffat, all the fans’ talk of switched corpses and mystery cyclists has been lacking a crucial detail.

“I’ve been online and looked at all the theories,” Moffat told us, “and there’s one clue that everyone’s missed. It’s something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.”

So, if anybody would like to submit their theory, or what they think this Out Of Character moment is? Be welcome!!!

I’ve also been online to look at theories, and found some websites that you could check out for the various takes on The Fall. Personally, I am ignorant and reserving my judgement until it is seen fit to explain it to us mere mortals in Season 3 (which seems SO FAR AWAY!! 😦 )

  1. has various theories
  2. because tumblr has it all
  3. another site dedicated to the Final Problem
  4. This blog has some rather different ideas, not including Molly Hooper (a much used foil), who also believes Morairty is still among the living…
  5. This post is very comprehensive, listing all of the different possible components of Faking The Fall. Definitely recommended.

Side Notes

  • I seem to have a psychological block on actor names at the moment, because I spent ages trying to remember Alan Rickman’s name, before I gave up and asked dad…and I had to search up Tom Hiddleston’s name. And that’s only the start of it!! I couldn’t remember Martin Freeman’s name…nobody’s!
  • Do your grandparents have annoying habits? My grandmother has this thing, where she just tidies up. Every day, and then a special clean up every Saturday. It’s horrible, because she did it when she was living with us last year as well, and she just goes around putting things where she thinks they go. Ergo, all my books have been somehow spotted with oil from who knows what, and my pencils and some sketches are missing. (Sorry, I’m a bit cross, I hate people moving my stuff, especially when it’s actually in a legitimate place, such as on the table at the entrance of the house (which isn’t used for anything anyway) that my grandmother seems to believe should remain clear at all times for no apparent reason, I have come to realise.)

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