Lotsa Links!!!!

So, I thought that in light of my previous entry, I’d share some Sherlock Holmes links with you!! Some are about the canon, some are about Sherlock BBC TV series, some are both!


  • Doctor Watson’s Official Blog from BBC Sherlock, which includes accounts of other cases and commentary from various people
  • Sherlock Holmes’ Official Science of Deduction, from BBC Sherlock – a great website, if somewhat empty now, seeing as he’s ‘dead’
  • The BBC website for Sherlock, including some great links!
  • Sherlockology, an “ultimate guide for any BBC Sherlock fan”
  • The Baker Street Babes, an all-female blog that is all about Sherlock Holmes, and has some great links and information
  • Stormy Petrels, a fairly newish WORDPRESS “created…as a place to note, analyse, philosophize, review, squee, and occasionally snark upon the endless myriads of adaptations, pastiche, commentaries, and kitsch featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, M.D.”
  • A Scintillation of Scions: “an annual symposium of fans of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, sponsored by Watson’s Tin Box in Maryland, USA.”
  • The Sherlock Holmes Preservation Trust, which is all about Arthur Conan Doyle’s historical estate and the struggle to save it – which turns out a success!!!
  • The Sherlock Holmes Society Of London, open to ALL Sherlock Holmes fans, with its own biannual journal and lots of information about various Holmesian things.
  • Sherlockian.Net – the absolute guide to Sherlock Holmes in ANY FORMAT, including fanfiction, radio, TV, movie, theatre and more!
  • Shaddicted, a tumblr with lots of amazing art, funny gifs, pertinent twitters and other stuff about Sherlock Holmes
  • The Diogenes Club, which is a blogspot that has various reviews, interviews and information about Sherlock Holmes, both BBC and not.
  • A Study In Sherlock, which also has a corresponding tumblr, is a great site…but is apparently going to move onto something even better!

There are lots more out there!! Have fun browsing 😀


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