At The End Of The Day…We Watch TV (31th December 2012)

So, I’m almost over jet lag now, I’m pretty sure, and so far it’s been really lovely. We’ve mostly been spending time with my aunt and cousins on my my mum’s side. Today we went to the beach again, and (I’m assuming) you know how in NZ we have white sand and black sand and purple sand?? In Israel, it’s really a yellow golden colour, and there aren’t lots of different shells hiding around, there’s just a whole pile – and I’m talking meters long and at least 10 shells deep – of shells that are all the same type and basically look the same. Talk about boring!

We then went to visit my aunt again, picking up my cousin from kindergarten and taking all the kids to the park, which involved looking after snails and “guarding them from harm.” I also got to eat gachnun, another Israeli delicacy in my point of view. Gachnun is basically dough – pastry that gets rolled up into a cylinder shape, and then cooked on residue heat in the oven overnight (traditionally) on Friday evenings, because in the Jewish orthodox religion one is not allowed to ‘work’ i.e. turn anything on and off, stuff like that, on Saturdays.

As it was the last day of the year in Israel, the television was full of New Years celebrations, and coincidentally, as soon as we  turned it on – there was the sky tower and Auckland as fireworks lit the sky, with the presenter saying that NZ had already celebrated the New Year an hour ago, and was one of the very first countries to do so.

The sky tower, fireworks lighting it up like a gorgeous party hat with glittery strands.

The sky tower, fireworks lighting it up like a gorgeous party hat with glittery strands.

We celebrated at home in the evening by roasting chestnuts and drinking champagne, which opened with a great big pop, drizzles of white bubbles, and the cork flying up to the ceiling and then back down again. My grandparents and I also stayed up till 1 in the morning to watch all the French festivities as they celebrated their own Nouvelle Annee – there were amazing acts of acrobatics, dances, songs, and all manner of entertainment.

I hope you enjoyed the last day of 2012, and did something extra-special!


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