Gratification and Advice

As I wrote earlier, I’ve made an account on Teen Ink, a website dedicated to publishing teens works from all over the world, for free, on their website and in their journal.

Well, they’ve finally processed a few of my works (and let me tell you right now, a piece of advice 😛 – don’t write free verse. No one ever looks at free verse on websites; they go to the categorised poems), and it was very gratifying to get a couple of emails, saying things like:

Congrats! Your article received an Editors’ Choice award


Your article was voted #1 on Teen Ink!

It’s a really lovely feeling, knowing that somebody out there read your work and liked it. Then, you realise that umm, only one person has actually read it and rated it, which is why its got a 5/5 star rating…

Still, it’s nice.

What is also nice is that Neil Gaiman has posted an article on his blog, which makes me sad (because cats really should live forever) and glad, because of this:

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You can see more hand-y quotes, and read the mission of this very cool gallery of advice, here, on the Shared Worlds website.

The above were just my personal favourites – the titles are the author’s name, so if hover your mouse you should be able to find out who is giving you this piece of potentially uplifting advice.


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