I Have Been Remiss – 200 Post Hooray!

I’ve been looking at past blogs, and have just realised that:

  • 2 posts ago, I passed the 200 post mark,
  • and that in 3 days, I will have been blogging for AN ENTIRE YEAR!

I think that these are two landmark points, and deserve recognition.

During this time, I’ve had 8,861 hits on my blog, as well as 30 comments – and 64 followers!! – so thanks to everyone who has been reading my posts.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed them, and continue to offer your opinions and ideas!

– Let’s call me Lily

So, I thought that in this post, I’d look back and reminisce about something I haven’t really been talking about so much – my hair!!

On the 30th March 2012, I shaved all of my very long hair for the Shave For A Cure project, where people all over New Zealand have a haircut/shave, and fundraise money through this act to go to the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation. This is an annual event, and so, inspired from my act last year (I was so happy to hear about this, since I hadn’t known it made such an impact), two of my friends have decided to shave! They’ll be doing this in July – after the school ball, so if you’d like to donate to them, here are their links below:

Or, if you feel inspired and brave, feel free to check out the website and sign up – you can shave any time you like, or you can just have a hair cut if you don’t want to go all the way…

What is really amazing is how much my hair has grown! It’s been through the short-fuzzy stage, the annoying everyidirection stage, the not-quite-long enough stage, the that-looks-nice stage, the argh-I-just-want-to-shave-it-all-off-again stage, and now it is in the almost-ponytail stage!! Over 10 cm long, my hair is darker and curlier than it was before the shave, because it is so much lighter now that the waves have turned into proper curls! I’m looking forward to what it does next 😛



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