What A Week!!!!!

This week has been very eventful. And next Monday holds a grand first for me as well – I’ll be going to my first ever concert, to see Paul Simon perform at Vector Arena! Paul Simon is an American-Jewish singer and songwriter, who became famous as part of the duo of Simon and Garfunkel, and has been awarded a lot of awards for various bodies of work, including the song The Sound Of Silence, which was recently picked to be one of the 25 songs preserved by the US congress.

It’s a birthday present from my parents (thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I’m looking forward to it very much.

So, on Monday I turned x, and have been the butt of jokes for the past few days, which is inevitable, really. I had a nice Easter break (a five day weekend, due to the length of the term and the dates Easter landed on this year), where I meant to do homework but didn’t, and instead folded over 5 loads of washing on my birthday! My family and I went out to a restaurant for dinner the next day, as most places had been closed due to the public holiday. We went to Taiko, an up-and-coming Japanese restaurant on New North Road that we found in the Auckland Selected Japanese Restaurant Guide. We had a lovely time – the food was delicious – except for my little sister’s behaviour, which was quite atrocious, as she crashed in the car, and so was very restless and whiny throughout the meal.

Food is good, and this year I also got a package of delicious Israeli snacks, such as crembo, bamba, bizli, as well as an enormous bag of liquorice (I love liquorice), from my paternal grandparents, who do this every year and always write lovely cards as well. However, as a surprise, my maternal aunt ALSO sent a package, which arrived today and included Loaker’s; a type of wafer, and a gorgeous happy birthday card that was written in English by my 6 year old cousin who is learning English!







Then, yesterday, I finally found out that I have achieved a new milestone in karate –  First Dan Black Belt!

I graded on the 11th of March, and didn’t really feel confident about my achievement, as I messed up pretty badly (I thought), but apparently I did fine, which is a great relief! The other three girls and I did a demonstration of kata [the link is the kata we did, in the same style – Shotokan Karate. Of course, this isn’t us – I definitely can’t do it that well] in unison (kata is a sequence of moves that form a cohesive whole) in front of the class, and then some of graders did as well, after which we received our belts. My new belt is so new compared to my brown one – it is so stiff and black! I had previously been a brown belt for the past three years, I think, and in that time my belt faded, became supple and flexible, and even began to fray a little!

On top of all this, I’m having a birthday party this Saturday, outside…in a park, because my house is very crowded when 16 or so teenagers invade…

This is the weather forecast, so my hope of sunshine are probably not going to come true :(

This is the weather forecast, so my hope of sunshine are probably not going to come true 😦

So, yes, it’s been a very busy week!


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