Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Chapters 8-15, Liveblog

So, I’ve just got home, and instead of doing my 7 assignments/tests/homework essay/internals, I’ll be doing this – yay!!!

As always, I’ll be updating this as I go, and give links to other blogs that could help at the bottom.

Chapter 8

  • So, this is the first time I’m doing this with sound the whole way through, as in the past it either wasn’t possible, or the area I was doing it in wasn’t sound-appropriate. So far, I like the background noise – bats squeaking and LOTS of kids giggling and talking and clapping and generally being rowdy.
  • Firstly, there’s a really cool visual of hundreds of bats flying around, but zoom again and the screen lowers to an eerie Great Hall, with ghosts’ heads being chopped off and lots of pumpkin-light lit faces…
  • Unsurprisingly, you can find batwings, peeking out from under the second table on the left, as well as 5 galleons from under the third table to the left. You can also collect the pumpkin directly in front of you at the end of the hall.
  • Also, if you hover along all four tables, the house ghosts pop out!
  • Onto the next moment – Peeves floats above the students, looking very colourful and clown-like and cackling, while I can distinctly make out Harry, Ron and Hermione’s backs on the right of the image.
  • Picked up a pepper imp after much hovering, from the red-headed boy next to what looks a bit like Snape?…aha! Collected a galleon from the black darkness somewhere below Peeves.
  • If you zoom in, you get to read about Hogwart’s Paintings – really interesting about how the depth of a painting’s knowledge is imparted…and what are those old headmasters/mistresses doing, pretending to be sleepy all the time? Creepy old eavesdroppers….

Chapter 9

  • Just one moment here – Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff – very windy and stormy from the sound of it, absolutely awful weather…and *shudder* dementors!!!
  • OMG!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS???????
  • SOUND! A NARRATOR! who’s talking??? This is pretty cool…I wonder how much of the chapter gets recited…quite a bit actually!
  • The zoom pans up and follows the action as well…also, see Cedric go after the snitch!

Chapter 10

  • Three moments, to make up for the past chapter, I suppose…ooh! Marauder Map inside info – scrummy! and SPOILER WARNING! my screen says – this has to be good then, doesn’t it?
  • “The magic used in the map’s creation is advanced and impressive; it includes the Homonculous Charm, enabling the possessor of the map to track the movements of every person in the castle, and it was also enchanted to forever repel (as insultingly as possible) the curiosity of their nemesis, Severus Snape.”

  • Well, that answers that question – I always wondered whether the insults would be directed to anyone who tried to unlock the map without knowing the password, or just Snape. heehee, those immature gits 😛
  • Ends with Barty Crouch Junior’s confiscation of it, mysteriously…why not which of his kids got it? I bet it was James – the legend out there goes that James stole it from his father’s study and so Harry decided he was a worthy Maruading owner of it…is that actually real? Or just a piece of fanfiction that has been melded to seemingly become a part of cannon?
  • Gornhilda Of Gorsemoor – the one eyed, hump-backed witch has a name! And a chocolate frog card!
  • Also, mistletoe berries – does Harry have to kiss a statue? Because they are right above them both…
  • Aha! If you leave the door open and then zoom in, you can collect Jiggery Pokery and Hocus Pocus, a new book of spells!
  • Next stop: HONEYDUKES! Everything looks delicious 😀 I now have a craving for lollies – I think I’m going to go get some chocolate…
  • ooh, look, they’re anticipating my needs! Collect a bright green acid pop! See a purple bubblegum bubble if you hover over the blond girl on the right. Also, click for a closer view of the Dementors In Hogesmeade notice.
  • The zoom takes you out, where you can collect a peppermint toad and a chocoball (bottom tier), and if you wave your mouse, a variety of reactions are seen – from breathing fire to levitating!
  • In the next moment, everything is blurred with icy snow, as we take a look outside…zoom in and collect a chocolate frog card from between Fudge and McGonagoll, the former of which is wearing a lime green bowler!

okay, my screen has just disappeared – this is weird….hopefully the technical problem will be solved soon.

  • back again – still can’t get that piece of holly I am sure is there…but I found a snowball next to the boy who breathes fire! You can also open the front of the Hog’s Head bar, but not walk in.

Chapter 11

  • Found a chocolate frog card – Dunbar Oglethorpe, what an odd name!If you hover over Hermione, you can see her lift the book up as she tries to hide…
  • Zoom in and read about Gobstones – the game Eileen Prince was a President of – and collect some spellotape, as well as a homemade mince pie. Also available to us collectors is a red bauble from the Christmas tree!
  • Oh, this is cool – as soon as you find the gobstones and zoom out again, Stephen Fry starts taking again! (yes, that’s who’s talking!)

Chapter 12

  • Again, just one moment…why? Firstly, was distracted by red wrapping – chocolate!!!!My beloved!!- and it’s a new content thing as well! Quite short, though, and doesn’t give away anything new, unfortunately.
  • Collected a chocolate frog card from the desk in front of Harry – you have to keep the mouse there for a while before the draw opens.
  • Zoomed in and was able to close the trunk over the boggart, as well as collect a pumpkin flavoured bean from the draw of the paper-covered desk. The cabinet on the left opens, and on the bottom shelf are 5 galleons in a bag – so they aren’t shiny 😦

Chapter 13

sorry, my computer just shut down – too much stress, I think – it’s old, and been working hard all day as mum edits her PhD.

  • Have you noticed that there are no activities so far…at ALL???? I’m disappointed 😦
  • I found a galleon! And whoever that is on the benches is snoring...oh, it’s Colin Creevey – of course! It’s Madam Hooch, actually, according to others.
  • Grass flavoured bean on the pitch between goal posts 1 and 2, although the field is looking rather dry itself.And a chocolate frog card of the only ever dead referee – on the floor of the stands. Also, to the right of the tunnel-thing that leads to the changing rooms is some dried nettles.
  • Zoom up to a beautiful sunrise as Ron tries out the Firebolt, doing fancy turns and generally having fun.
  • Erm, why isn’t the firebolt clickable for new content? Strangely, it’s the third hoop that gives up information on The Firebolt  i ] I’m confuzzled… but a nice little insight on the secrets that make the Firebolt so special (we should’ve known it’d end up being the goblins)
  • There seems to be a green thing eating a newspaper?
  • No more time to think about anything else as Stephen Fry starts talking again. huh. I thought it was pronounced “Caa- dah- gon“, but it’s a short a at the start.
  • Chocolate frog cardin the laundry! Toothflossing Stringmints on the chest! Then zoom around, and zoom in to find a galleon on the left-most chest! Ron’s dungbomb! And see his torn sheets from Sirius Black’s ‘attack’.

Chapter 14

  • We get to see the inside of Hagrid’s hut! Very full of, well, a Hippogriff, as well as some Flobberworms, Fang and a dead ferret, this is a lovely image that also gives up:
  • A bath bun
  • Flobberworm mucus
  • A galleon!
  • A chocolate card frog
  • A closer look at Hagrid’s appeal
  • The erm, Shrieking Shack? It’s very red all of a sudden – that was a bit of a surprise, as I was expecting old, grey-brown rotting wood.
  • I can see Harry’s head!! It appears as though it scared Malfoy and his pose, as they hurtle down the track.
  • Stole a bar of joke soap off Ron. Also, a leaping toadstool from the base of a tree.
  • Zoom in and collect some lavender from the nearby hill, and on the red spot on the lower hill, some Valerian!
  • Back to Snape’s office – oh we are in trouble! Full of bottles and jars, I’m sure to find something in this moment. In fact, there seems to be a lot to find in these chapters…though nothing to do ( 😦 I’m still disappointed).
  • Right, I am.Dragon liver and bat spleens from the bottom shelf, Pufferfish eyes on the third shelf, Eels eyes from the fourth…
  • Then Snape throws some floo powder-powder (which reminds me that I need to see A Very Potter Threequel sometime soon!) and the fire turns green and Remus begins to appear.

Chapter 15

  • “Gryffindor, Gryffindor,Gryffindor,Gryffindor,Gryffindor!!!!!!!! “The crowds cheer as Oliver Wood’s dream finally comes true! Harry lifts the Quidditch Cup as he in turn is lifted into the air…faint, garbled yells of what I think is “Woohoo! Yeah! We love you Harry!” resounds across the pitch. There is a small gaggle of Slytherins in the back – they don’t look happy…
  • Found some binoculars around the neck of a girl who is partly hidden behind a waving arm.
  • Zoom in to see McGonagall an Hagrid waving, as flags continue to wave in the background.
  • A chocolate card is found – again, it is partly obstructed by a moving object – a red and gold flag this time. Also found 5 galleons on the right-hand side stands.
  • And that, as they say, is that (for now).

So what did you think of these chapters? Personally I found the images just as beautiful and talentedly drawn and animated, and I loved the increasing amount of things to gather. But.

I think there could’ve been a few more moments in a few chapters, as there were a few with just one, and (yes, I know, I seem to be saying this a lot), there ought to have been an activity – l=playing gobstones, or having to catch Ron for information on the Firebolt, or something!!!

Do you agree? Disagree?

Also, if you want a complete Finder’s Guide, look at Elmblade’s blog post here.

If I’ve missed something, I’d be really appreciative if you could tell me!


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