New Zealand:Lucky Number 13

A while ago, I posted about the first passing of the same-sex marriage bill.

Well, yesterday evening, the bill passed for the final time – 77 votes to – 44 against, making New Zealand the 13th country to legally allow same-sex marriage. It received a lot of coverage in the news, including from Australia, where

“More than 1000 Australian same-sex couples say they will fly to New Zealand to get hitched if a bill to legalise gay marriage passes through Parliament.
Gay marriage advocate Rodney Croome says a survey by his organisation, Australian Marriage Equality, has found more than 1000 couples plan to travel to New Zealand to tie the knot.”

So it seems we’re going to be getting a whole lot of Aussie weddings soon!

A great way to end Term 1 on, this is a major breakthrough for the gay and lesbian communities in New Zealand, and another affirmation of how important human rights are to the people of this country. Go us!!!!!

Some articles about the bill, and below that some about the Arms Trade Treaty

Another important passage occurred a week or so ago, when on April 2 the Arms Trade Treaty passed the UN General Assembly meeting with a majority vote! So it looks like a brilliant month for human rights right now!

If there’s any new development that I’ve missed and you think should be celebrated, or a wedding that you’re planning/attending, I’d love to hear from you!

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