Iron Man Three Premiere: Spoiler Free Review

Okay, so this is how it’s going to go.

In this post, I will try to describe the amazingness of Iron Man Three and my experience this very early morning, WITHOUT revealing ANYTHING, apart from in a very, very general way. It will be a challenge, I am sure.

Then, in another post, which will have a SPOILER ALERT in it, I will elaborate on points and freely use quotes, plot points and possibly quite detailed descriptions of what happened/what I thought about specific things in the movie.

If you don’t mind spoilers, or have already seen the movie, I would recommend that you read both posts (I will link the second one HERE). If you’d like to discuss certain points/arguments/attestations/opinions that I may voice, or to squee with me, or to criticise or whatever (and feel free to do so; I’d love to have a chat :))

If not, just read this one.


My friend and I decided to see Iron Man Three in 2D, because we felt that sometimes, 3-dimensional effects can take away from the movie instead of enhance it, and we didn’t want to be distracted on the off-chance that this was the case. However, when we got to the cinema, we discovered that although the Event Cinemas website had stated that there were 3D and a 2D showing at Newmarket, and had 12:00am on all of them, the 2D one was actually for 12 in the AFTERNOON. Which was very annoying, as it meant that we didn’t get the best seats, as most people had booked ahead for the 3D showing, whereas we hadn’t, and that we had to buy 3D glasses even though we already owned some, due to the unexpected change in plans.

However, Iron Man Three in 3D was really worth it in the end – the effects weren’t distracting, but rather enhanced scenes and allowed for more dramatic flair when showing explosions and such (excuse the vagueness; writing with no spoilers is hard!!!). The snow was also beautiful in 3D. So that was an unexpected but in the end welcome experience!

Personally, I think that this film was more successful than Iron Man 2. Both Pepper and Rhodey got more screen time and character development, creating a more solid outline of who they were and what their relationship to Tony is. The plot is full of twists – especially the ending, which I did not expect, and comic-book readers, get ready to be surprised, because while Marvel follows the elements that made the comics so great, as Stan Lee says here, even he, who intimately knows the comics, can’t wait to see what happens, and was surprised with what the team came up with.

The acting was phenomenal! Unfortunately, I can’t say much here without giving the game away, but Ben Kingsley, The Mandarin, was a wonderfully inspired idea and very well acted. I liked the twist. I know a lot of people didn’t, and they have some good points, but I did. Robert Downey Jr. was incredible as always, with more devilishly-difficult looking stunts and witty, funny remarks. Like I said, both Don Cheadle (Rhodey) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper) got more screen time, and as a result their acting skills really shone through as well (they were both totally BAMF) and had great one-liners as well.

The special effects? Well, like in the two previous Iron Man movies, there was new and exciting stuff that pushed the limits of film and CGI! I’ve always been impressed with how realistic and believable the FX team makes Tony Stark’s tech, and this was no different – JARVIS and Tony have created more cool ways to show information holographically, while the armour also has a few new tricks (Tony is on Mark 42, a prototype whose number may be significant to Hitchhiker fans! (I know I was excited when I saw that reference!), and the effects in general are simply top of the range.

The music, like the special effects, was a veritable treat that increased my viewing enjoyment. Very in touch with the action on screen, it was a pleasure to listen to, and augmented the film well.

And, finally, the audience was great! They were quiet (mostly), and nobody walked around the whole time or shouted abuse at the screen. Everyone laughed in all the right places, and about a third of the cinema stayed for the after-credits scene 😀 It felt like everyone genuinely enjoyed the film, which made for a great atmosphere.

So, all in all, the film was excellent! There are a few tiny points of confusion for me, but other than that, I think it was brilliant. It retained the humanity and humour of Tony Stark while at the same time dealing with issues and problems which were the opposite, without seeming ‘try-hard’ or forced. What I really love about Iron Man is that in this series, the heroes and the ‘bad guys’, while defined as such, are always much more complex and can be seen in the grey rather than just the black and white outlook that is often be found in superhero films. So I had a great very early morning, and I can’t wait for the next one!!

After all, it did say:

Tony Stark Will Be Back…


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