Iron Man 3 Queries and Extras

So, my post was getting REALLY LONG…

Therefore, I’ve started another one!

To check out my two reviews, which I would suggest you do before reading this, you can click

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HERE for my second impression (which is a bit more fan-like, I couldn’t restrain it properly)

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  • Where is Tony getting all that money from? I get that he’s a billionaire, but does he carry his credit cards with him in his prototype suit? I wouldn’t think so. Yet we see him buying stuff casually throughout the film. There is probably a very logical explanation that I’ve missed here.
  • It’s not Tony’s problem!! The premise is a bit odd. Well, this is what I first thought. The Mandarin is a terrorist attacking America, how does Tony make it a personal vendetta? But then, my fellow word pressers, I remembered Happy Hogan! The Linchpin! Because it is only Happy’s injuries that force Tony to act, and to take on The Mandarin in the first place! Yes, I’m that dumb…these things take a while for me. Let me know if you have other ideas.
  • JARVIS and Tony. What’s up with that? So for most of the film, Jarvis responds to simple gestures and on voice recognition alone. Then, in the final scene, Tony can’t stop JARVIS because his ear-communicator has fallen off. Yet a few minutes later, Tony tells JARVIS to initiate Clean Slate Protocol…and JARVIS does it. Without the communicator being in. HOW??
    Right, thanks to Runeslinger for suggesting this – there is actually a shot where you see Tony pick up the communications device and put it back in, I just didn’t notice it the first time around! And Since you can’t really see the device due to its size, I’m just assuming that its always there, and it somehow picks up on gestures as well.
  • Clothes and hair. The Extremis people go through explosions, flame, all sorts of things that would be expected to burn their clothes and hair. Their bodies are shown regenerating…yet their hair mostly stays the same, and their clothes don’t disintegrate or anything, just get a bit ripped and dirty! Now, I get with the clothes that it’s the sensible thing to do, because otherwise the film would probably have a lot of nude people running around, which would completely derail everything, but what is Marvel’s explanation? Is there an explanation?
  • Tony takes THE SHRAPNEL OUT!!!! THIS IS MEANT TO BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!! The whole premise is that Tony NEEDS the arc reactor to stay alive in Iron Man 2 – otherwise why didn’t he just remove the shrapnel when he was being poisoned by the reactor? So what’s up now? Also, this leads to a whole host of questions about Iron Man 4, and Avengers 2…any ideas out there yet? My assumption is that technology just had a while to get really advanced, and so it WAS impossible, but it isn’t now.
  • Iron Man THREE. Now, this is just weird. Also, very nit-picky of me. We’ve always known it as Iron Man 3. In the official website, it’s Iron Man 3. Yet at the end of the movie, just before the credits, out pops, in huge red lettering, and Iron Man THREE. A typo? Or what…

I you could clear any on these points up for me, I’d be much obliged 🙂

See some more reviews here (these have spoilers in them too!)

unsurprisingly at all, all of these are very positive reviews that fully endorse Shane Black and Iron Man 3. Go figure!

ooh, just remembered….

  1. There is a hilarious part where Tony needs to hack into the military databases so he breaks into someone’s van, and this someone happens to be a HUGE Tony Stark fan who has modelled his hairstyle and beard and, basically, his life, to mimic Stark’s, and when he says “mum, I need to call you back. Something magical is happening. Tony Stark is in my van!!!” it is just so funny…and sadly probably a realistic portrayal of some fans.
  2. The recurrent slogan “You know who I am“. This crops up quite a bit, and it sort of feels like the films have come full circle as Tony answers in the first movie, and at the end of Iron Man 3: “I am Iron Man”.

9 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 Queries and Extras

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  2. Runeslinger says:

    I am not sure I can answer all of your questions but for starters seek out the comic inspiration for one of the main elements of the film: Extremis by Warren Ellis. This will fill in a lot of background in terms of where the story started and what the creators began to work.

    Money and Tony Stark? Good call. Perhaps he has an implant~

    Why get involved? As you note, Happy is a primary motivator, as is the fact that the Mandarin is ostensibly part of the 10 rings faction which has been in and out of Stark’s life since Afghanistan. It was their compound in which he was being held in the first film.

    Talking with Jarvis: I have just seen the film once (and let’s not forget the cruel gods of continuity editing) but I do believe he does pick up the earpiece. This may be wishful, retroactive editing on my part.

    Clothes and Hair: Cost and the film rating. C’est la vie~ The in-universe explanation would be that their hair regenerated, too and it is just naturally perfect. For clothes, see Hulk’s pants.

    The Shrapnel question is left vague, except for Tony’s parting line that he is (pause) Iron Man, and this once again asks me to direct you to the source of this story line: Extremis. Read it. It is better than Ellis normally gets, and one of the truly memorable Iron Man arcs.

    Three… Yes, that was weird. The whole end credit montage was weird for me actually. I guess someone needed to get their 60s jollies out.

    • Thanks, I’ll definitely get onto reading that!
      With the 10 rings reasoning, that doesn’t really cut it in the films, because remember that The Mandarin is a farce that was created by Killian – he hasn’t actually done anything and is quite new, unlike in the comics where I seem to recall he is quite subversive and present at the back of a lot of Tony’s problems…but good thinking!
      The ear piece – well, I’ve only seen it once, but it seemed to me that there was a close up showing it on the ground beside Stark…I guess we’ll just have to see it again 🙂
      As for the clothes, I did consider that, but Hulk’s pants don’t rip or anything like that either, whereas these did. So probably like you say – budgeting and rating.

      Thanks for offering you opinions and commenting!

      • Runeslinger says:

        I hope you enjoy Extremis when you read it.

        I think if you follow it through this way you might see what I meant about the 10 rings:

        Tony is abducted and later learns about the 10 rings.
        Terrorist activity around the world is connected to the 10 rings
        Tony gets off on privatizing world peace, mainly as an excuse to prevent others from getting his tech (a thread from the Iron Man series Armor Wars) and a little bit of payback
        Tony gets his ass handed to him by IM2’s combination of Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo.
        Tony gets unsettled by the events in New York
        The Mandarin broadcasts go public under the aegis of the 10 rings
        Happy gets nuked
        Tony gets involved
        Tony discovers Killian’s duplicity

    • Re: talking with JARVIS, I’ve seen the movie again, and would like to bow down to your superior sleuthing skills, because you do see him pick up the earpiece.
      Thanks for noticing!

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