The War Of The Doctors

In order: Christopher Eccleston as 9, David Tennant as 10 and Matt Smith as 11

This highly controversial topic is now up for discussion here, as I have seen Doctor’s 9, 10 and, finally, started on 11.

I started watching Doctor Who with Series 2…after having wanted to watch it on and off for several years, but never getting around to it because of not owing a television. Finally, I got off my chair and rented them out from video ezy…only to fall in love! I was absolutely enthralled by the show, and couldn’t wait to watch more, promptly watching Series 3 and then Series 1, which introduced me to the sassier, leather-jacketed Christopher Eccleston. I then saw Series 4 and the Christmas specials, and finally, in The End Of Time, I was introduced to Matt Smith, in an amazing 20 seconds.

Well, from those 20 seconds, I was really encouraged! And then I saw the first episode in Series 5, and remained hopeful! But then came episodes two and three of volme 1, and I don’t feel so great about Matt Smith anymore.

I have been ensured that Matt Smith grows on you, and that he has some spectacular episodes such as The Rings of Arkenham and Pandora’s Box and The Big Bang…but I haven’t seen them yet, and so far 9 and 10 are winning this race.

What do you think?

I know that a lot of people root for the first Doctor they saw, and I have to say that David Tennant is fantastic…but so is Christopher Eccleston. It’s just Matt Smith that I haven’t warmed up to yet – I think that the episodes I saw would have been better suited in the middle of 11’s story arc, where the characters had already been completely introduced and warmed up to, and nothing too incredible was being expected.

Anyway, that’s my take on The War Of The Doctors so far. I’ll get back to you when/if my opinions change!



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