Secondary Reaction: Iron Man 3

“A famous man once said that we create our own demons. Never mind who the famous man is…”

The voice over began once more as I waited with baited breath to see how good the film would be second-time round. Also, so that I wouldn’t talk/giggle prematurely/wave my hands excitedly/ruin the film for my friend, who hadn’t seen it yet (I actually sat on my hands at some point to restrain myself).

This time, I watched Iron Man 3 in 2D from the very back row of the cinema (my first time!), which gave me an impression of sitting at home with a really big screen for some reason. After viewing both styles, I have to concede that 3D takes the cake – the 2D version is good, but the effects don’t seem as spectacular. As for the back row – I think that I prefer the middle of the 3rd or 4th row, after now experiencing all manner of seating arrangements.

Surprisingly, considering that I presumed hardcore fans had already gone to see the film, there were still some great reactions from the audience! Lots of people laughed out loud, and about half stayed for the after credit scene …

It was really fun, and I especially enjoyed finally getting to talk about it excitedly to my friend, and explain points of difference from the comics and the film, and speculate wildly…

Here Be Spoilers

Well, I just found out that the US trailer is quite different from the UK one which I saw…

(hopefully this also means that people who don’t want spoilers didn’t catch an accidental glimpse of anything)

Amazing Realisations!!!!!!!!

I have to put this first, because I JUST realised that the bodyguard in the flashback of Bern, Switzerland 1999??? The one that didn’t listen to Maya Hansen and blew up the room belligerently and accidentally? The one that plastered himself onto Tony in an attempt to ‘protect him’ and was then dismissed for the night, and thought by me to have been fired the next day for embarrassing the Great Tony Stark? THAT WAS HAPPY HOGAN.

Now, I unfortunately can’t find a picture of this Happy, but imagine – younger, huger, more hippy-ish with longer hair…

Harold “Happy” Hogan. I had no idea he had an actual name other than Happy…I’m stupid, aren’t I?

No wonder I didn’t recognise him at first. However, when Tony is chatting to Happy after the fast forward, when Happy is grumbling that he doesn’t work for Tony any more, he says something about meeting Killian in Switzerland, which is how I found out – seeing as I was paying a bit more attention, rather than running purely on adrenaline.

My friend expressed confusion as to how Tony just, you know, ‘fixed’ Pepper up at the end of the film so easily, when Maya Hansen has been working on it for 13 years without success. Well, at the start in Switzerland, we see Tony write something on a card and leave it by her bedside. It is later revealed that on the back is a piece of coding that he used to tantalise Maya, which almost fixed the defects in Extremis…which is why Aldrich and Maya really want Tony: so that he can finish what he started.

As he did this while drunk and significantly younger, it stands to reason that Tony can ‘fix’ Pepper. That’s why he does 😛 (However, I don’t like the term ‘fix’, which was used in the film. Also, I think Pepper would make a BAMF superheroine, if she had the time between being a CEO and Tony’s girlfriend. I hope they bring RESCUE into the picture)

Additional Highlights

i.e, stuff that I left out in my other posts

  • I’ve read over my comments, and realised that I didn’t emphasise how awesome the interactions between Harley and Tony were. Let me reiterate – they were awesome! Harley, acerbic and manipulative by turns, Tony: Tony – they were playing each other the whole time, and Tony’s anxiety attacks in Harley’s presence added to the “connection”  (hee hee) between them. As Robert Downey Jr says in this interview, “Tony Stark and Harley in ‘Iron Man 3’ is really, in some ways, the heart of the movie. Shane Black, our director, wanted this kind of Capra-esque departure from ‘The Avengers’ into Tony and the heartland of America and so Harley, Ty Simpkins really embodies that.”
  • Something I also didn’t stress enough was the music score: while there were, surprisingly, no ACDC tracks like in previous films, there was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING score that reminded one a little of the Avengers and was just brilliant at accentuating the action and rounding out the film.
  • The recurrent slogan of “everyone needs a hobby” for all of Tony’s incredible suits and advancements. This emphasises his obsession with the suits, as his actions renders this statement ridiculous, and also help the audience to focus on the fact the Tony has been mass-producing these specialised suits on little or no sleep, which is why they may not all be up to battling Extremis-injected people, seeing as they were built for a different purpose (like, for example, underwater diving). This explains why Tony survived direct hits from Thor in the Avengers, as well as tanks and the Chitauri, whereas in comparison, in Iron Man 3 he seems more vulnerable.

The moment when…

  • Tony hasn’t slept for 72 hours and welcomes Mark 42 to “the birthing suite” referring to it as the current suits’ “badass bouncing baby brother
  • Mark 42 and Pepper have come down to Tony’s workshop and Tony is berating Pepper for meeting with Aldrich Killian, and both he and the suit look at Pepper accusingly, and she stares back at the suit like  “what?”
  • Tony says desperately “Please don’t tell me there’s a twelve year old sitting in the car” and Maya says, “Actually, he’s thirteen” completely deadpan…and you can see Tony’s shoulder’s jerk because he believes her for a moment 😛
  • The giant bunny. ‘Nough said
  • Tony says “I got you honey, but you’re going to have to let go!“…and then HE DOESN’T CATCH HER!
  • Tony:Jarvis, how are we?
    Jarvis: “It’s totally fine, sir. I seem to do quite well for a stretch and then at the end of the sentence I say the wrong cranberry.”

And now for a little tit bit in the Avengers 2 debate:

Factoring into that debate, too, is the reality that Downey has fulfilled his contractual obligations to Marvel, though he’s widely expected to appear as Tony Stark in Joss Whedon’s upcoming “Avengers” sequel. Downey said he finds the will he / won’t he return debate fascinating.

“I love all that talk,” he said. “I never would have thought that there would be any particular interest or controversy in that one question. The funny thing is it’s the question that I don’t have an honest answer to, which makes people drive it needing to know the answer all the more.”

This quote, taken from here, shows that Downey Jr. isn’t going to be giving us clues any time soon…

A couple more interviews


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