The Eloquence Of Cumberbatch

Umm…wow. If I had to do an interview, ever, I think it would probably have to be heavily edited, because the majority of sentences either wouldn’t make sense, or be mostly composed of “umms”. As evidenced by this written post, which starts (and ends) with umm.

You can read this engrossing glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch’s thoughts here. Why not visit the original post and tell the interviewer what you think?

Also, for the hilarious Benedict Cumberbatch Otter comparison, see here. It is truly an insight as to how actors achieve certain expressions…

London, Hollywood


It’s three years since I spent a very enjoyable hour and a half above a pub in Soho with an emerging actor called Benedict Cumberbatch, interviewing him for a cover feature in the Saturday Times. Since then he has become a household name as Sherlock, got talent-spotted by Steven Spielberg for War Horse, played both Frankenstein and his monster for Danny Boyle at the National, voiced Smaug in The Hobbit, and now his angular face stares at us from a broken and burning London on the posters for Star Trek Into Darkness (above, click here for review).

Since the world obviously can’t get enough of this brainbox (he’s even played Stephen Hawking), geek sex-symbol and otter-impersonator, I’ve dusted down my interview transcript. Reading back over it I’m impressed, just as I was at the time, at how articulate he is. So I’m…

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