Echoes Are No More

A little over a year ago, my parents decided that for my brother’s birthday, they would add to our family; they bought two itsy bitsy, ugly, skinny baby cockateils. This was after months of nagging, begging and my brother generally being an annoyance – I thought that it would mean that we would finally gain a semblance of quiet in the house again.

Boy, was I wrong!!

Not only were we very limited at first, having to hand feed them every two hours, but even after they had grown, we had to be careful with doors and windows, weren’t allowed to cook with certain materials like teflon, couldn’t do much when the cockateils had their daily flight, had to clean their poop out from EVERYWHERE, had to endure them landing on our heads, scratching our bare shoulders when they landed, stealing food off our table, screeching in our ears all day….

I wonder why humans ever tried to domesticate the cockateil.

After a few months, there was an unfortunate accident with an open door and a cockateil who wanted freedom, and thus it was that Echo the cockateil became the only in the household. But it didn’t make anything better. He became more vicious, and would peck us, or fly at us angrily as we tried to put him back in his cage. Additionally, he showed us that self-preservation instincts had obviously been bred out, as he would fly to wherever the cat was lying down, land VERY close to it, and hop even closer. One time, he decided it would be a great idea to try to peck the cat’s ear. It’s a wonder that Echo survived, really.

Recently, we came to a conclusion as a family that my brother wasn’t really taking care of ‘his’ pet, instead leaving most of the work to my parents, who didn’t want the responsibility they had hoped to render him more mature. None of us liked his maliciousness, pecking and bad habits, and we all longed for a bit of quiet, a place where we could watch a movie in peace. So we decided to give Echo away. This was probably also prompted by Echo’s ruining of a skype camera which had cost several hundred dollars.

Tonight, a friend of mine, whose family loves pets and who will take care of Echo very well, came to deliver us from our cockateil. Hopefully, all participants will be pleased from this culmination of events, and Echo will be happy with his new family.

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish!



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