(See Through) Into The Future

The ultimate forward-thinker, Stark’s most prominent super-power is staying ahead of the curve – leaving Marvel Studios with the brain-straining task of bringing the fictional technology of the future to the screen today.

“We certainly hope we’re that smart – and maybe we invent something in a movie that somebody already has in the works,” Alonso said, laughing. “But even without that, we’re pretty smart at looking at what the technologies of the day are and where the world of science is going. We surround ourselves with a lot of smart people who know which way science is going and where the research is headed, so we can come up with a Hollywood take on where that will go and bring it into Tony Stark’s world.”

Marvel’s executive vice president of visual effects, Victoria Alonso.

The image above shows an example of technology that is already being developed. This new gadget reflects information and images onto the retina, so you can flick through your emails if you like, for example!
Listening to the creators of Iron Man 3 and Robert Downey talking, you quickly realise how much real technology has played a part in the making of the film, and producing Stark’s advanced technology.
In fact, a lot of things seen in Iron Man 3 will be usable and efficient in approximately 5 years, from the smart glass screens and phones to the 3 dimensional recreation of settings that can be seen in the movie. If you watch the video below, you will come across many prototypes and projects that are recognisable, because you’ve already come across them in Iron Man 3! So, if you want to see what the future will look like in 5 or so years, take a look at this….

Amazing, right??? (just a bit too white for my tastes 🙂 )


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