I Am Not An Avenger: Movie Nights Are Not on Thursdays

Friday nights are Movie Nights, because I am not an Avenger, so don’t have a Thor to decide that his traditional day – Thursday – is when everyone should curl on a couch with popcorn and chocolate and watch a movie.

Also, it’s just me and two friends from school – not a huge group thing, which always requires much more organisation, effort, and debate.

So, this is a practice instigated quite recently – it’s only the 5th week. Thus far, we’re sticking to the lightish classic, fun-type movies, so we’ve watched The Princess Bride, Willow, a few episodes of Miranda (cringeworthy Mr-Bean-reminiscent British comedy), The Aristocats…and today I was introduced to the TV series Teen Wolf.

Well. For someone who has (to their regret most of the time, although sometimes, like now, it comes in handy) read and watched Twilight, as well as being fairly versed with lycans through mythology and other novels and movies, it could only be one thing. Especially since this person was in a mood for dramatic slow-motion shots and predictability in the extreme, and could also identify the media techniques, lighting filters and shot types being used by the episode. It was hilarious.

Really, I’m not joking here. I’d come across the Sterek ship through … certain places and people, and so I had the added advantage of trying to imagine the pairing somehow developing over the next 3 seasons (we saw the very first episode of season 1). But, honestly, I was basically snorting the entire time.

From the very predictable set up which definitely seemed to have been inspired by the Twilight series (Stiles reminded me of Kellan Lutz, Derek was all broody and black like Edward, only the other extreme, Scott was obviously on a contract with a shirtless clause…), up to the very words used:

For example: protagonist Scott gets bitten by what he thinks is a wolf. The next day, he is shown taking his bandage off. And so I say “it’s not going to be there – it’ll have healed already” Lo and behold! The next shot shows exactly that!!

Hyper-friend Stiles, when asked by Scott whether he thinks that Scott has an infection, replies “oh yes, it’s a very serious one”. I say “he’s going to say lycanthropy”. What does he say next? You got it!

New girl arrives in town: first thing I think is “love interest”. Right in one! Second thought is, slightly later, “bet you her family are the were-hunters” Last scene shows girl being picked up by her dad…cue dramatic head turn as Scott the lycan recognises the dad as one of the hunters. Score!

These are just a couple of things. The episode was absolutely full of them, and it was great fun trying to guess. Add to that the farcy dramaticness of the plot, the very choppy development (because yes, Scott randomly tells his lacrosse captain that he’s not on steroids, he just hears and sees and smells really well and it’s driving him crazy. And yes, trust is definitely something earned over a couple of meetings and knowing each other from English class for a few weeks.), and the fact that I’d seen Twilight, and it was just too much. I had my dose of laughter, all right – I think I might even allow myself to be dragged to watch another episode, if only for the health values! 😛


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