Look: There is Night

Look. There is night, coiled tightly around the Earth, a colossal snake, tail in mouth, scales reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere as shimmering, shivering rainbow spectrums of particles that cover half the world in coloured white, shadow-white, bright white light that warms the countries where night has not yet reached, has not yet slithered to clamp its jaws onto and swallow.
Look. There is night, winnying the windows and darkening the lawns, the dog’s kennel and the cat’s basket, the knurls of tree roots which writhe under the soil and seek satisfaction not obtained through shadows.
Look. There is night. Night, which creeps sinuous slinkwise. Night, which induces inertia within the household, between the walls, nestling separate and still as stucco stiffens, crannying into the rugs and pillow-folds neatly creased, hovering over the empty kettle and single cup.
And now; look again, look as night rips barbed teeth through flesh, rending ouroboros and heading muzzlesome through the fog-heavy, rock-black, slate weight, splintering scales which spear select; places where night will remain, squeezing icy glaciers into tortuous spires in punishment, a serpentine sulk. As night sheds its bursting, burning, browning skin, sentence over, escape at tongued tip tingle-scenting blood and empty lackness that must be fulfilled. Look, as night pushes back into the vacuum of abysmal space.
Heading towards home.

This piece was written during history (don’t ask why I write things that I should have done during my English lesson in the next History class I have), as a deliberate imitation of the style of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas in his “play for voices” Under Milkwood. I’ve kind of thought, ooh, let’s describe night…umm…Norse mythology! What if Jormungandr was really not under the Earth, but above it??? And his shadow created night as he wriggled around trying to free his tail from his mouth?

And ooh, let’s make it that when dawn comes, it’s basically Jormungandr escaping and getting ready for Ragnarok, the end of the world….yes, let’s write that, in about 4 sentences!!!

I have no idea why/how I came up with this. Really.

But I hope you like it!

Let’s call me Lily

P.S. It’s weird, but computers don’t acknowledge that ouroboros is a word. Yes, it is. It is the symbol of a snake or dragon eating its tail.


One thought on “Look: There is Night

  1. […] here is the original! This piece had to be extended for development and length purposes to be used as a portfolio piece. What you see here is, I think, the fourth ending I came up with…I found it very hard, because I’d finished writing about the night, I couldn’t extend that more, but whenever I started to change and keep the story going, it would jar as off-topic and discontinuous. […]

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