Shrivelled Shoe Imprints

Recently in English, we’ve been crafting creative writing, and so I took the opportunity to edit a few of my poems here on wordpress.

Because I’m sentimental, I’m keeping the originals (unless the changes are really minor) and just re posting the vamped-up poem in a new post…like this one!! Some will keep their titles, or if I can’t think of anything, or am proud of the title I did manage to come up with, they’ll stay the same 🙂

original version can be found here

Fallen leaves litter the ground
Broken and crumpled,
Strewn across the paving.

In spring they grew from small, green, curled up bundles,
In summer they unfurled and flourished
Metamorphosing into shades of vivid orange and dull, burnt brown
As autumn approached crisply, with dewy and frostbitten feet.

Winter arrived, and the leaves on the ground
Lay pressed upon stone
Patterned with the shoe prints of passers by.





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