Jolly July

Well, the skies are lightening by each day, as after our freezing cold winter solstice party on June 21st, the days began getting longer again. However, they also seem to be darkening, from the sheer mas of work that teachers are loading onto all of us – as the Gauls say – “the sky is falling on our heads!” Only it’s not the sky, it’s homework and internals…

On the other hand, July also means the holidays! Currently, I have plans to attend a 3 day Media Sexism, Gender and Social Justice workshop, which concentrates on how culture affects/reflects the way gender roles are treated, how to stand up against perceived injustices, and how to create different forms of media that can discuss sexism and other issues. I’m looking forward to it! I’m also looking forward to reading more, sleeping in, and making the most of my time to get going with my Art Folio board, which requires a LOT of work.

Hopefully, your July will also be a busy and exciting month, full of sunshine/rain (depending on which hemisphere you live in),

Let’s call me Lily


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