Take Three: This Holiday’s Reading Endeavour

The holidays have started, and I am hitting the library! If you’ve read Take Two, from last holidays, you’ll know that I’m trying to read graphic novels…


Out of the many superheroes out there, most of whom I know nothing about, I decided to focus on Iron Man for a bit. I’ve been reserving comics steadily, and reading them, and so on and so forth, and then I caved and got out the IRON MAN: OFFICIAL INDEX to the MARVEL UNIVERSE. And found that there are thousands upon thousands of comics, most of which can’t be found when searched in the library catalogue. Or, like the entire Civil War arc, which from what I can tell is really important and interesting, are unrequestable!!!! It’s a bit annoying.

So, other than that, I’m also going to try Laurie King’s 11 book Sherlock Holmes series, the first of which has the rather sinister name “The Beekeeper’s Daughter” (sinister because I have a sickening feeling that it’s referring to Sherlock Holmes’ non-existent non-cannonical daughter).

I’m also going to write up my subject notes, a history essay, do some of my art external, fix up my English essays so I can use them in the upcoming exams, meet up with friends, study for maths, go to that workshop I mentioned, work, watch movies, write some poems/flash fiction and help around the house.

It’s going to be an amazing feat if I manage half of that 😛



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