The Misconceptions of Feminism


Well, this basically sums it up. Feminism is not misandry – the hate of men – it’s not always extreme, radical action and bra-burning etc.

Feminism is basically the want for gender equality – humanism on a specific scale. It is the recognition that systematic gender inequalities are perpetuated in society, and that reformative activism of some sort needs to be taken to reduce and/or completely get rid of these inequalities.

There are a lot of people who misconstrue the term feminism, especially because popular culture such as magazines etc. don’t tend to focus on the efforts of everyday feminism, but on those extreme individuals who create the stereotype of a radical ‘feminist’. This is mostly because the outrageous is always going to be more of an attraction to news-readers.

So, hi everyone. I’m a feminist. But I don’t hate men, and I wear a bra, and I don’t think that my opinion is so extreme – in fact, I think it’s a common view that a lot of people have, but instead of saying “I’m a feminist”, they say “I believe in gender equality” – basically using different terminology because they don’t like to identify as a feminist.

For more information, you can check out these two sites, who go into a more in-depth look at the different types of feminism in the 21st century, and where the aversion of the term ‘feminism’ originated from:


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