An August Augury

What is in my future this coming month….


I predict a lot of stressing over the internals, practise tests, unit tests, writing and speaking portfolios and exams coming up this term, for one thing. I also predict late nights as I continue to catch up on Doctor Who and Torchwood and a myriad of other shows that I’ve been meaning to watch but couldn’t find/didn’t have time to watch.

That’s right, I have finally, over the last week, gotten various contacts (friends!! I love friends with similar interests!!!Thanks!!!!!) to temporarily donate links and series collections of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and I am pleased to say that I am officially up to series 7 for DW!!!!! It is so exciting, and more than a little confusing, and Matt Smith has DEFINITELY grown on me! (although his hair in River Song’s Wedding didn’t.)

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

A while back, when I’d only seen the first two episodes of Matt Smith (Series 2 episodes The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below), I hadn’t been really impressed. I’d liked Smith in the first episode, but felt that the second didn’t do much of anything to develop the character or create a more defined relationship between the 11th Doctor and his new companion, Amy (Amelia) Pond. So I wasn’t as drawn to him, which my Smithsonian Whovians felt needed to be remedied. They kept going on about how I’d fall in love with him in The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Well, now I’ve seen past The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang, and I can tell you that Matt Smith has joined the ranks as being a favourite Doctor of mine (all the ones I have seen so far are my favourites :P) Although I think it happened before the designated spot, actually. However, I still think that The Beast Below was a tactical error, and should have been placed sometime during Season 5 or 6 after the delightful duo/ thrilling threesome of Amy, The Doctor and Rory had already been firmly established.

I am very much looking forward to squeezing in Series 7 and the specials, as well as re-watching them all at some point (yay!!)

I have also seen up to Episode 6 of Series 2 in Torchwood, and the borrowed red discs are sitting on my chest of drawers, waiting to be seen so that I can groan a bit more at Gwen Cooper’s behaviour.


I hope your augury for August reads as bright and as busy as mine!

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