Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban Chapters 16-22, Live Blog

Hey everyone!

I’ve just gotten home, and imagine my surprise when I’m told that Pottermore has opened up the rest of Prisoner of Azkaban!! It’s great, because now I have something else to do instead on homework!

First of all, I’m trying to get the hang of the new look – it’s a bit confusing, and I’m not exactly sure how to zoom in on things any more! It looks great, if a bit crowded…

This will, as always, be a live blog in which I’ll talk about my impressions and then link to other more complete guides (from the new “completion bars” at the bottom of each chapter, it looks as if I’ve been consistently missing things in EVERY chapter, which is odd, as I always make sure to update my posts with everything other people have found, as well as double-check on my Pottermore account. huh.)

IF YOU GO TO ELMBLADE’S POST here SHE HAS EVERYTHING!!! (some of which I really can’t be bothered to go back and do, because I’m lazy…)

Chapter 16:

  • Wow, with such a crowded screen, everything just seems more framed and, to be honest, like it is suited to a much larger screen, though Professor Lupin’s marshes are gorgeous. I kind of wish that the side bars were smaller, or could pop up and then be minimised again…However, I have found some leeches in the pool just off centre on the screen!
  • I also collected some light green knotgrass growing on the right base of the water barrel, and made a grindylow swim around…
  • Zooming in, I found lots of red caps popping up and down from holes! Also some horned slugs in another pool, and on the next zoom, after carefully hovering over everything, collected fluxweed from next to the boggart trunk, and failed to capture a hinkypunk carrying a lantern. Apparently I need to find two more…I think I’ll be happy with all of my unfinished bars – I do have a life, you know 😛
  • Second moment – back to Hagrid’s where I immediately spotted a purple Chocolate frog card and an aubergine Bertie Bott’s flavoured bean. I also scared some crows out of the tree. On the zoom, I found some valerian sprigs at the bottom of Dumbledore’s feet, dried nettles near Hagrid’s large boots leaning on his hut, and made the door shake with my mouse.
  • After I shined the axe and made it sparkle, the scene reverted to its original state and I saw that my completion bar was, well, complete. Yay!!

Chapter 17:

  • Wow, it’s dark in the forest! But then I hovered my mouse a bit and Harry’s wand lit up. You can make it go darker and lighter by moving your mouse across it.
  • Picked up some beautiful asphodel, another leaping toadstool, which we still haven’t used in a potion yet, some fluxweed, and made the Whomping Willow try to wallop Harry and Hermione.
  • In the next, moment, I can hear dear Stephen describe Sirius Black, although I can’t see him, and picked up some mushrooms. Ooooh! There is a mysterious, dementor-like figure…but it’s not, it’s a Secret Keeper, who brings new knowledge from J.K. Rowling (not that it’s really anything new)
  • By slamming the door, plaster falls from the door, and thus you can find woodlice. Keep moving the mouse around that section of wall, and more falls down, along with some beetle’s eyes.
  • Right! Just realised the figure is Sirius Black! Oops..
  • Finished moment two, if you hover on the middle of the of the bed, where the two curtains part, you can make a spider come down

Chapter 18

  • Nothing to do here but hover over various features of the animagi and Lupin and makes them twitch their ears and snarl silently

Chapter 19

  • Double clicked on the scene, Scabbers fell, and there was a great big flash as he was transformed into Wormtail, causing some plaster to fall and scarab beetle bodies to appear for the audience’s collection. From another alcove of fallen plaster, you can collect batwings
  • As always, you can’t see anyone’s faces – Wormtail is cringing away in fear.

Chapter 20

  • Unlocked lycanthropy from Lupin, who was too busy fighting Sirius to notice me 😛
  • This is really cool stuff! Excitingly fresh, too! Very, very cool, and long!
  • Also collected some dittany – yay! Now I have an extra-speedy healing in my armoury, for when I get splinched in another 4 books!
  • Zoomed in and collected monkswood and wormwood, and made Lupin and Sirius snarl even more
  • Yay! Finally, another full bar!
  • After zooming in, at the edge of the water I picked up some spines of lionfish, tubeworms which look like flowers, and a clearly vital-for-the-plot-and-my-sanity pebble, which is useful as a paperweight. In a virtual game. I can see how that could come in handy. 😛
  • By clicking on Harry’s wand I deflected the Dementor’s – shame we couldn’t see a corporeal Patronus – and filled the bar again!

Chapter 21

  • The spinning of time is a little dizzying, but I managed to click on the time turner to read.. Rowling’s thoughts, as well as new info. O happy day! It really elaborates on the limitations of time travel as J.K. Rowling created it, for obvious reasons (take heed, all fanfiction writers who use the trope of going back in time – it is officially non-cannonical in every way now, not just in terms of not being a Rowling-written narrative). This is really fascinating…although now I REALLY don’t see how Hermione received permission for one!
  • Double clicked and the time turner cleared…
  • And I’m five galleons richer! Also found another Bertie Bott’s bean, cheese flavoured. And a Montrose Magpie badge!
  • There’s something at the foot of every house hour-glass except for Hufflepuff 😦 Poor puffers.
  • Click on the doors again for a full bar. Now, moving on…

and the site became UNAVAILABLE!!!! Will be back tomorrow for the rest, I think, as it isn’t refreshing.


And I’m back! Hopefully the site won’t crash on me today! Onto rescuing Buckbeak!

  • Er, what??? Same scene but missing the things I collected previously…oh, yes, time travel! Am I going to find anything here?
  • Why, yes I am! Unicorn hair was picked up from where Hagrid left it on the fence. The zoom, which is different and focuses on Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Buckbeak, has found me some billywig stings, and a galleon.
  • Buckbeak is getting a bit restless though, so I’ll be moving on…but not before I spot shadows from the future peeking out of the forest!
  • Found a Murtlap tentacle in the lake! The lapping of the wavelets distracted me a bit from the beauty of Prongs – I am so glad they decided to make him look like that – he is stunning! Not just a ball of airy gases like in the two final movies (Yates!) He really glows…
  • Zoomed in and immediately collected some more tubeworms that I spotted from the distance, then clicked on Prongs for some exclusive information on the Patronus – some of it’s history and a clarification of how it is formed and why it is so hard to cast.
  • Finally, after scouring the shore for ages, I found the slimy seaweed!
  • Galleon! Sirius is saved!! Chocolate frog card!!! Owl treat!!!! Flappy wings and hooty owls!!!!! Bar COMPLETE!!!!!!

Chapter 22

  • Professor Lupin is leaving, which is sad 😦 But he’s left an inkpot, and a chocolate bar, and lots of other goodies in his office – I guess he was in a hurry to pack!
  • I’m assuming the roller is from Professor Lockhart from the previous year…
  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS NAME IS EDWARD????????? Well, I didn’t see THAT coming! According to new content release by Rowling, Teddy’s name isn’t actually Theodore, it’s Edward. There isn’t a Theodore middle name either – I wonder where the nickname originated from…
  • P.S. This moment is very glitchy, I’ve noticed – so has Elmblade
  • Oh, this is so bittersweet…Lupin’s story, from how his parents first met, right up to his death. Pages and pages – I am in happy agony right now.
  • last moment – a bouncing carriage taking us back to the muggle world…
  • Nothing at first, but on the zoom, you can collect a gobstone – if you’re quick! Also various sweets and a well hidden galleon.
  • Make Pig squeek, and read Sirius’ letter to Harry, and his permission slip so that Harry can visit Hogsmeade next year…
  • And then say goodbye for another long while until the first chapters of Goblet of Fire are ready

There weren’t any games this round, but Pottermore sure has made a lot of changes! The art has been exceptional as always, and I’m looking forward to see how it continues to evolve!

Maybe I’ll look over past chapters again sometime – I hear that moments and items have been added!



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