A New Doctor: The Big Reveal

On Friday, I was told by excited peers that the 12th Doctor would be announced at 6AM on Monday the 5th August, New Zealand time. I was very excited, slightly apprehensive, and then…

After a very busy weekend of mowing lawns and studying for physics and working and going to a concert, I promptly forgot! [shock, horror!] This morning, it was all my Whovian friends were talking about, and I soon found out that he had been on Torchwood, he was the older one out of the two possibilities, apparently he was the “less hot” one, that he had also been in Doctor Who before, briefly, in The Fires Of Pompei, and that he was a male, white Scottish person of 55 years of age.

The 12th Doctor is…

The new Doctor in disguise...as a Roman! (in The Fires of Pompei)

The new Doctor in disguise…as a Roman! ( he played Caecilius in The Fires of Pompei)

That’s right, PETER CAPALDI!

The much-anticipated announcement was made on Sunday during a live presentation, “Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor” on BBC America and BBC One, for those privileged people who don’t live at the end of the world. It is written in the Chicago Tribune that “A gaggle of interviews with Smith and lead writer/executive producer Steven Moffat comprised the half-hour special before the big reveal was made“, apparently “wrecking havoc on Twitter

Thus, Scott Johnson, who reported on August 1st of the rumour of Peter Capaldi, can now say “I told you so!” 😛

You can take a look at Moffat discussing the New Doctor before he was chosen, and then compare it to Peter Capadli, to see if the descriptions match up.

You can also read this liveblog of someone lucky enough to watch the whole debacle here. And of course the official BBC announcement, which includes Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Armando Lacunni’s opinions on the matter

All I can think of right now, and this is slightly off-hat, is that he looks a bit like Hugh Laurie in some of his photos!

Cheers, Steven Moffat! While I’m slightly disappointed that the Doctor isn’t a random actor who no one has ever heard of, I hope that the new Doctor while be as AMAZING an actor as he is described as – good luck, and put your right foot forward!

– Let’s call me Lily


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