Swiftly Swizz a Brush: There is Dust on the Keyboard

Well, not really, but I haven’t written anything in ages. I have quite a few things backlogged; stuff I’ve promised to write about and wanted to write about:

  1. My reaction the The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  2. The media sexism and social action workshop
  3. The global citizenship concert
  4. The global citizenship workshop
  5. My thoughts on the history trip to Northland
  6. The current situation on Syria

among other things. Some of these happened over a month ago!

Yet, I can’t seem to motivate myself to write up what I’ve handwritten in notes for the very purpose of blogging about the subject. This is still the case from my holiday in December!

I have mock exams in two weeks, and a part-time job and other commitments, and really, all I seem to be doing is procrastinating. This is procrastinating, for one thing – I am not doing any of the things on my list, am I?

Sorry. Hopefully at least one of these will make its way onto the blog in the near future.

Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone!

To those of you who are fathers, who have fathers, who want to be fathers, who are going to be fathers: enjoy the day and take a few moments to think about the role of the father in your culture.

To those of you who have lost a father, I am sorry; this must be an awful day for you, especially if you the loss is still raw (I would imagine it is always raw). I don’t think that the world meant to exacerbate your pain when they declared the first Sunday of September Fathers’ Day.

Let’s call me Lily


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