Women’s Equality: It Takes Two

A really important part of the Global Citizen movement is women’s equality, which focuses on getting contraceptives made more readily available to women, and the importance of family planning, including an online petition, which anyone who values the importance of education to the process of making educated decisions can sign.

In July 2012, governments, NGOs and donors came together at The London Summit on Family Planning  and pledged US $2.6 billion to halve the number of women without access to modern family planning by 2020.

This figure would enable 120 million more women to have access to family planning.

Imagine what it would be like if you weren’t able to make your own decisions in life.

This is a reality for 222 million women today who lack access to modern contraception.

I’ve signed the petition to help the family planning pledge become a reality…have you?

Let’s call me Lily


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