She Is Ready To Go…

To school.

That’s right, my little sister turned 5 years old today, is is starting primary school on Monday! She’s very, very, very excited – in fact, we’ve had to launder her uniform already, as she keeps wearing it 😛

The party, on the other hand. Phew, am I glad that it’s over.

  • Approximately 15 kids ranging from 3-5
  • and their parents,
  • AND extra guests

who all needed to be entertained for over 4 hours!

On top of that, there was my mother, who always panics and overdoes everything, and the intermittent rain…

As well as the less-than-ideal behaviour of Herself, who was being sulky and mean – not sharing, yelling, eating all these lollies before the party/during the party before lunch, hiding in a corner because nobody was paying attention to her (i.e. not listening and obeying her every command; instead they were playing and doing stuff they were meant to) and so on.

And another child, who was quite rude, pushy, and ruined one of my sister’s presents already – not to mention opening half of them himself.

And another child, who is terribly sweet, but speaks, I swear, maybe 5 words of English? She’s Russian, and her family recently moved to New Zealand. I wish I could speak Russian. Her poor father doesn’t speak much English either, and I think most of the conversation went over his head – especially my mum, who tends to get very loud and excited.

There was a bouncy castle, because my mum caved when my sister asked, and balloons and banners and decorations, and the kids all got to decorate their own cupcake, so the house is an UTTER mess, with marzipan and icing and sprinkles and pebbles and marshmallows, and playdough and bits of Barbie Lego (ARGH! What annoyed me were the presents! All pink cards and pink clothes and pink Barbies and dolls and sheesh, gender discriminatory much? You could go for neutral Lego – why buy Barbie Lego? It is not in any way better!) – and I’ll be recruited to clean up.

At the end of the party, there was facepainting (me), because one wasn’t permitted on he bouncy castle with a painted face. It was hilarious, because one boy asked for “Hulk Smash!!!!!” How does he even know who the Hulk is? The comics and the movie aren’t exactly age appropriate for 5 year olds! There was also a Spiderman, Batman, and lots of flowers and love hearts and butterflies. And a house; that was unexpected.

Foodwise, there were two enormous cakes: chocolate cake and a Tiramisu, both homemade (one for the kids, and the other for the adults). And sausages and 3 types of salad and buns etc. My mum likes to go overboard with things, did I mention? 😛

Now – unleash the hounds, let slip the dogs of war!!! I have to study. In fact, all my exams are right after this weekend – wish me luck! ( although it possibly won’t save my maths grades anyhow)


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