The Erkling, A Rare and Elusive Beast…

…may well appear in the next Wizarding World film, which will detail Newt Scamander’s adventures.

Scamander, a famous author who wrote “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them“, is also known to Harry Potter fans as the great-great-uncle of Rolf Scamander, Luna Scamander (née Lovegood)’s wife.

I hope to see Master Schmidt (perhaps already revealing bloodthirsty tendencies which were exacerbated when he became the Red Skull??) do a Tangled, and hit the Erkling with a saucepan, personally.

Actually, I’m not sure how I feel about this announcement. Screenplay by Rowling, yes, alright, set 70 years prior to HP, and in New York, fine, but really? I think it might be aimed for an audience who’s not in their teens. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I am – hopefully it will be great. At any rate, it’s definitely better than yet another remake of a fairy tale 😛

For more info, you can check out these sites, which are articles/announcements with quotes:

I wonder – has anyone told Hagrid about this?

– Let’s call me Lily


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