Journal Update Entry

Exams finished (the practise ones, and just for me, since they were all lumped into 3 days, which wasn’t too fun, let me tell you) on Wednesday. Thus, yesterday I had the time to finally book in a dental appointment.

A couple of months ago I went for my yearly check up, and the dentist had to give me some new fillings (even though I brush my teeth twice a day, regularly and thoroughly….). However, my teeth remained really sensitive for ages afterwards – so that I couldn’t chew or drink water without my teeth aching – so I went back, where I was told that it was an expected side-effect of getting ‘white’ fillings, and to come back after a month if they were still sore.

Which is what happened.

Meaning that I had to have my fillings replaced because the original dentist didn’t do them properly,and that meant they had to drill much larger and deeper holes, and replace my fillings with huge silver ones, which don’t look very attractive, unfortunately. I was also anaesthetised, which I really hate, as the actual needles are painful when you’re being injected, as the numbness always lasts 4 hours or so for me.  And I can’t eat/brush my teeth etc on one side of my mouth for the next 24 hours. So that was great.

Today, I made cookies!

They were supposed to be chocolate chip cookies, but due to unforeseen circumstances ended up being transformed into cupboard cookies. Basically, I added an egg to the recipe because I was determined not to forget (which is what usually happens – I now know that pancakes, cakes and muffins generally taste fine without eggs in them :)) only to realise that one of the reasons that I love the choc-chip recipe is that it DOESN’T have eggs in it…so then I went to town and used up all the left over pebbles and mini marshmallows from my little sister’s birthday party, and added almond essence and chocolate chips and raisins and coconut flakes.

They taste alright, actually. Although, sadly, even though the marshmallows were special ‘baking’ ones, they all melted and disappeared completely 😦


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