Pottermore Opens Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire Chapters 1-11, Live Blog

So, it’s past midnight here, but I only just got the notification that GOF is open to all Houses now, so I’ll zip through everything now before going to bed! It’d the holidays, anyway…

(I’ll tidy this up later)

Chapter 1:

  • huh, the Riddle House reminds me a bit of part of my school – the original, 125 year old part. It has the ivy and everything!
  • Collected a horned slug off the pillar, zoomed in and grabbed the rose thorns
  • Rattling doors and a green light…not a very good sign, is it?
  • Tried to go to the next part, but nothing came up apart from words? This is for ‘The Scar’
  • Oh, it’s because chapter two has no moments!

Chapter 3:

  • Moving on., then…
  • Closer look at Ron’s letter, and Harry’s letter to Sirius
  • Galleon, cracker, chocolate frog card, and that’s that!

Chapter 5:

  • This is odd, are they doing only every second chapter and one moment per chapter all of a sudden or something? Or am I getting the new process completely wrong?
  • Picked up a flower head, knocked over a photo
  • Ooh, read about the Floo Network. Well, ain’t this fancy? Transcripts of J.K. Rowling reading her thoughts now, and an amusing tale of coup de foudre (love at first coal-smudged sight), but the English only is a bit limiting to people, I’d think
  • Cool zoom! There’s a flash and then you see the Weasleys explode out of the chimney!
  • Debris, spider legs, beetle eyes, all sorts of interesting stuff up there.
  • Hover your mouse along the screen and watch the Dursley’s living room go to pieces – for vindication, perhaps?
  • I do like the black and white stills, though
  • Well then! It’s just like Molly said, you could mistake Bill for a fashionable girl! hehe, table wars…
  • Lots of butterflies and gnomes running about, some frog spawn and flower heads, another rose thorn – this is brimming with things to see

Chapter 6:

  • Stuff, things, old mangy boot, I ought to be in bed, oh dear 3 hours of sleep a night for 4 days is Not Good and I have a long day tomorrow
  • Oh, portkeys! Can’t go to sleep yet! And a deflated soccer ball, much like the feeling I got when I found that there wasn’t anything much new in the new content.

Chapter 7:

  • Lots of tents, a sideways zoom…Where’s Wally? Or rather, the Weasleys and Harry? Unlocked colours, that sounds a little odd – maybe J.K. is going to refer to octarine? Nope, but it is interesting!
  • Found a map of the campsite – you have to let the tent open its flaps, and some other things, and lots of flag waving and pant-waving going on.

okay. I actually need to sleep. I’ll finish this tomorrow. Promise!

I am BACK! And still with only 2 full bars for this Book, but oh well. Please keep in mind that I really suck at these things, so it’s definitely NOT a complete guide

Next up:

Chapter 8:

  • The Golden Snitch!! Is right there, but I can’t find anything to do here apart from zoom and move the mouse to watch the bludgers react.
  • I’m obviously missing something here…any advice?

Chapter 9:

  • The Dark Mark looks very impressive…even though there are no zooms.
  • Found a toadstool, some poison ivy and made some crows fly away in terror

Chapter 10:

  • Go, go Chudley Cannons, go! Have got a badge, and will support them (in their losses)
  • Galleon!
  • Opened a rucksack, but that hasn’t made anything else happen, and a chocolate card frog.
  • The pictures zooms sideways, and you get to see all the poster-people move around and the frog (since when does Ron have a frog???) croak. And done! YES! Third full bar (out of 10…:P)

Chapter 11:

  • The last chapter up so far, and the last moment
  • I zoom out from the rain and the carriages come into focus. They rattle around.
  • I found a bezoar stone!
  • And horned slugs and dried nettles, and wormwood but I can’t seem to collect them – the bar is full? This is a glitch, pottermore, a glitch!

Well, nothing extraordinary – In fact, I’d say it’s been rather sparse of activities so far. And moments.

What do you think? Any advice on what I’ve missed?

Let me know,

Let’s call me Lily


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