Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is a TV Show…(right)

I don’t have a TV, okay? So when I watch TV series, it’s either with friends who have taped the episode or on a DVD. I therefore don’t really have any experience in the weekly anticipation game.

Basically, I forgot that Agents of S.H,I.E.L.D. is a current show, and that there would be a new episode every week. I was very pleasantly surprised 😉

The second episode? Was great! The ending was especially brilliant – the whole Samuel L. Jackson cameo deserves all the hype that it seems to have gotten from fans. Personally, I think that the episodes will get even better after the universe and characters are more firmly established, although they’re pretty good already.


FitzSimmons: are the ScienceBros of SHIELD, it seems, and have already received the affectionate nickname of ‘Science Babes’. If they end up a couple, I will not be happy – I am getting a sense of best friends here, and I don’t want that ruined.

SkyeWard: has had a couple of ‘moments’ already; it seems as if the tension between them is gearing up into a relationship. Please, please, I don’t want that to happen! Way too obvious a pairing, and also, it would detract considerably from the team element the show seems to be about. Skye’s machinations are casting her in a dubious light, but so far I like her much more than Gwen from Torchwood, whose character is similar but annoyed me much more. Ward is okay, I guess. Not my favourites.

Melinda May: Is the one I’m really interested in, apart from Coulson. She has an interesting and mysterious backstory, and a BAMF-ness to her – I mean, the cavalry? that definitely implies single-handedly saving lots of people – that I find admirable. Not to mention it looks like even Coulson is wary of her. Legend!!

Coulson: Wow, dude, I did not expect that, I have to say. For some reason, I simply can not picture Coulson dating! And, did you hear? Again with the “Tahiti. It’s a magical place”. I wonder if they’ll fit that in into every single episode…

We’re putting the fishtank on hold until next week, everyone,

Let’s call me Lily


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