The (First) Final Battle Between Good and Evil

As in, I’m posting about the Auckland Armageddon Expo 2013 at last.

This is late partly due to exams, which start on the 12th for me, partly due to laziness, and partly due to a misplaced camera and cord (oops).

But now procrastination is over (i.e. I’m procrastinating something else by doing this, yes, I have an entire system, be ashamed), and I will regale you with not so amazing tales of my First Expo Experience.

I seem to be feeling quite chatty (and brackety), so sorry if this isn’t very formal (though, really, am I ever? I try to maintain a semblance; I think I fail). Also, I’m sick, and my first exam is tomorrow (ARGH!!!!!!!!!!) so I’m not too great at coherency.


The highlight of that was the Billy Boyd panel, which my friends and I got really good seats for. One of my friends, Kate, actually got up on stage and sang Edge of Night in front of the hundreds strong audience (and the people watching on live stream) and got a hug from Billy. Lucky thing! My video of it isn’t able to be downloaded onto here as it’s the wrong format for some reason,  but you can hear her here anyway!

And here is the original, in case you’ve forgotten what it sounds like:

So, I thought she did an amazing job: did you???

Apart from that, which made me really REALLY excited for her, the panel itself was also very amusing. I wish I could remember it all, but I have a terrible memory…(here goes)

  • It was someone’s birthday – Hannah – so we all sang her happy birthday, of course. She also wanted a photo, clearly having not read her booklet, which stated that there were photo sessions! Also, she stated that “I can kiss you if you want” as an exchange. This did not lure Billy off the stage, surprisingly enough 😛
  • Billy Boyd has a band called Beecake. He would love to bring this band to visit New Zealand. “You can go online to a place called you-tube” and watch him and his band perform, apparently.
  • There was a question about Dom Monaghan, and Billy retold a story where he had to go out of the room because he thought he’d die of laughter. An audience member, dressed as Sailor Moon (I think) and who used to be a teacher, stood up and related that you can die of laughter, as on 24 March 1975 Alex Mitchell, a 50-year-old bricklayer from King’s Lynn, had literally died laughing while watching an episode of The Goodies – Kung-Fu Kapers – which features a Scotsman. His widow had written the producers of the show a thank you letter. The woman spoke with such a clear voice (with an awesome accent) that it prompted Billy to say “I’d like you as my butler” to which she replied “call me!”.
  • When putting their Hobbit feet on in the wee hours of the mornings, the lads would take turns choosing music. Mostly it would be something calm and classical; Beethoven or Mozart, and then Elijah Wood would put on some Death Metal band – “at 4:30 in the morning, you know”
  • When Billy broke his pinky on his day off (he never did on set), he had to go to the prosthetics department so that he wouldn’t have to “fence like an English Lord” , and they made him a pinky splint that looked like a pinky, so he had an oversized pinky for a couple of scenes and mostly just tried to keep his hand in his pocket as much as possible.
  • There were a couple of inevitable kissing questions – the hotness of Orlando Bloom, which was, according to Billy, simply phenomenal (he told us how they were on the same flight to NZ, and he’d been told that he’d meet Orlando at the airport, and that he’d seen him on the plane and thought, “he looks like an elf” and then it turned out that he was going to be playing Legolas the elf), as well as the time when Billy was kissed by Viggo. He prefaced this by saying “I think I’ve kissed…at least 6 of the members in the Fellowship” and then went on to say that kissing Viggo was a bit like kissing a horse.  You can watch this to hear the whole story (I am laaaazzy! And not good at all with anecdotes – I figure you’ll find this more amusing)

and that’s all I can recall (there was lots more; it was a great hour!)

The Doctor Who panel featured  Catrin Stewart – Jenna, Dan Starkey – Strax, Ian McNeice – Winston Churchill, and Simon Fisher-Becker – Dorium. I can remember way less here, but it was also quite good. Simon especially recited a lot of his lines, which was great – he did his infamous “the first question will be answered” speech and a couple of others, and there was a Strax-imitation competition, which I seem to recall Dan Starkey winning (no surprises there, as he plays the character 🙂 ). They all talked about how nice and lovely and generous and how amazing Matt Smith was as an actor. (It was a bit like they’d been hired as a personal chorus to sing his praises! Although to be fair, a lot of questions were stuff like “how was it working with Matt Smith?” etc) None of them know anything about the 50th – in fact, Jenna regaled us with how, until she’d read the script where Lady Vastra says “I am a lizard from the dawn of time and this is my wife!!“, she hadn’t known that her character was married!

Favourite lines to say were:

Churchill – “KBO – Keep Buggering On”

Jenna – “I think I’ve just been murdered”

Strax – “I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid!”

Dorium – “Doctor Who?”


To be continued for Day 2 of my experience here!


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