The (Final) Final Battle Between Good and Evil

You can check out the first part of my experience here!


I went to the Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Robbie Jarvis (teenage James Potter from the fifth film) Harry Potter panel!

First off, can I just say – I had no idea that they were such good friends! But apparently they’ve been doing expos for a while together, and they just seemed to know everything about each other – they answered each other’s questions, even! Which was adorable.

  • A little girl asked what their favourite colours were; Evanna’s is yellow, Robbie’s is blue, and asked whether they liked NZ. The answer to that was “How can we say no!!”
  • Robbie said how when filming for a scene the fan girls were throwing themselves at the barrier and Dan was checking them out and he said “have you seen those girls…some of them are really nice” and Robbie said “Dude, you’re Harry Potter, you could have any 2 of those girls, you could have any 3!
  • Evanna and Robbie are part of Avatar (tv series) fandom and it felt like a reverse-con because they pulled out an Avatar cosplayer to take a picture with at the event. They both watch Game of Thrones religiously.
  • Robbie told us about his audition for the part where there was a game to hit everyone’s head in which the sitting targets AKA people looking over the audition aka the producers and directors and so he ran behind them bopping their heads. His friend, who was also auditioning, sat down next to him and said “Robbie, you idiot”, but Robbie reckons that’s when the producers began thinking of casting him as James Potter.
  • Evanna said “If Nargles were real they would be so evil you’d spray the shit out of them with cleaner fluid,” and that “everyone seems to think they’re really nice, but it’s not true.” Apparently they look like tinsy wee gremlin things – the cast had discussions over this and that’s what was decided.
  • A girl from the back, who sounded like she was crying, spent a couple of minutes soliloquising about how important the HP series was to her, and how Evanna was a real inspiration (there were quite a few of these), and then asked her Question. Which was : “what are your favourite pizza toppings?” (this completely floored about half the audience, I swear!) Apparently Robbie is lactose intolerant so he gets Hawaiian without cheese, while Evanna is trying to be vegan because of the disconnection she thinks most people have between the cute baby lambs and the lamb steak they order for their next meal – they went to a restaurant recently and Evanna talked Robbie out of eating lamb.
  • When asked which scene they would have wished had stayed in the film, Evanna replied that she was gutted that they didn’t give Dumbledore a proper send-off – she said she even offered her pay check to help pay for the costs of all the creatures, but that David Heyman said it wasn’t enough ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And Robbie wished that they had kept the whole Snape/James sequence in the memory scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but that he was being a bit biased there.
  • Their choice of magical pet would definitely be a phoenix.
  • Evanna gets more comments about AVPM: Senior Year than the films as of late.
  • They tried a New Zealand accent at the end, Robbie’s was quite good, I think; better than mine!

You can watch THE ENTIRE THING, almost (41 minutes of it) from here – which is lucky for you!

Unfortunately, although I was right at the front (actually, that was a bit sad – we got in early and got really good seats – second and third rows, pretty central…but then there was an announcement that only people who had Emerald passes could sit in the first two rows, so my friends had to move ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There wasn’t ANY room by that time, actually, so they ended up missing the panel altogether), and had my hand up the whole time, I didn’t get to ask my question. Oh well.

On Monday I also attended the cosplay parade, which was incredible, and the Harry Potter quiz, which I hadn’t realised you had to sign up for beforehand and so couldn’t participate in (I watched, though!) There were lots of spelling mistakes in the quiz – on purpose, I think? One girl, when answering a question, answered right, but then looked at the screen again and saw the spelling was incorrect, and asked if she could say none of them, because Aldus Dumbledore wasn’t right either. The questions about the books were easy, but there were a couple of facts about actors and actresses from the movies that would have tripped me up.

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The camera just refused to focus the whole weekend, so all the photos are blurry/dark. Sorry. There are definitely better ones out there, I know! Try the Arkham Comics Facebook, they have some really good quality pics ๐Ÿ™‚

Additionally to this, I stared at all the amazing merchandise that was out of my budget, such as the Romance Rewound stall, which is of handmade jewellery incorporating clockwork pieces – it is GORGEOUS!!!), bought a badge, couldn’t decide which T-Shirt I wanted and so didn’t end up buying a single one, had a few pictures taken with people with incredible cosplays, and just wandered around. I also saw part of a Doctor Who fan-made episode.

A quote from the Princess Bride - I just couldn't resist!

A quote from the Princess Bride – I just couldn’t resist!

So all in all, what did I think about Armageddon?

Well, the panels were awesome. And so was seeing all the incredible cosplays and artworks and merchandise. But on the other hand, apart from that, I didn’t have much to do – because I’m not into gaming. And I kinda thought there’d be a few more freebies, but there weren’t. So basically I wandered around a lot (although on the Monday because I had a COULSON LIVES sign it was more entertaining, as I kept being stopped as people either asked “who’s Couslon/Coleslaw [yes, Coleslaw. I don’t know how they got that – it was a pretty big sign!] or giving me high fives/asking to take a picture/giving me the thumbs up or saying a variation of “yes, Coulson lives!“), and didn’t really do much apart from that.

So, meh – whether I’ll go next year definitely depends on the panels available. I’ll be better prepared if I do go, though, with this year’s experience under my belt!

If you attended, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy the panels?

– Let’s call me Lily


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