So, There Is A Thing Called Queueing

This is apparently what over-productive people use to stagger their posts so that they get a regular outgoing of posts and seem like stable people who have a timetable. Also, there are some people who actually manage to write. Or think of things. Or amuse themselves/others in a creative manner.

I have just begun integrating myself into the online community (i.e. FB) and have thus seen my ‘free time’, time which I ought to be using to do something productive or study or paint or write something for once (it is still not happening, not that it did before…), I am not doing any of these things.

I would really like to know how one can fit it all in – the online life, the social life, the work, the creative outlets…all in one day!

So, I can offer you a 900+ word rant about everything I did wrong in my English exam, or I can let you imagine the atrocities of war I have suffered – I do well at internals, and at practice exams, but when it comes to the real things, my grades diminish to Achieved from their lofty prior heights of Excellence. I do not know why. I study for my exams. I try my best. And yet the gap remains…

Also, I had Maths with Calculus this afternoon, and I have History tomorrow morning – my head is a bit mushy from panic for the upcoming 10 pages of essays that I need to write (at least) and anguish at all of the numbers that I put in the wrong place/factorised wrong/solved wrong/had no idea what to do with.

Calling it a night,

Let’s call me Lily


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