The Long and Laborious Process of Stringing Some Words Together to Create a Compilation of Coherent Sentences

So, this is an slightly different version of School is Cool and So Exciting (that title was supposed to be witty and ironic, but really, it was because I’d seen Pippi Longstocking with my sister an hour beforehand. It isn’t smart or witty, it sounds stupid now. You were probably expecting a gushing exclamatory note on how amazing school was, and instead got something like this) which I wrote ages ago. I found it just now. I’m still not sure about it, but meh.

Eyes closed, she watched the world. The faint drumbeats from a song played softly in the corner vibrated in her ears, and all around her was the sound of tapping, clicks and exaggerated coughs. The loud whirr of the C.O.W.s provided a soothing background, and if she let herself relax, she knew she would sense her tiredness emerging, trying to claim back minutes lost from the night before. But she could not allow herself that luxury. Instead, moving her fingers slowly and distractedly across the keyboard, she typed, stopping often in order to blink and breathe in orange darkness. A yawn grew in her lungs as she shifted position to lean on a loosely curled fist.  She paused.

When her eyes flickered open once more, for a moment she saw everything in double – two screens which shone overwhelmingly, illuminating the blurred thoughts of her half-awake brain. Perhaps she shouldn’t have finished the assignment early. But she had, and now, for a glorious 50 minutes, she was free to do whatever she wanted, within reason. She ran her fingers over the smooth keyboard, feeling the small depressions as she considered the next sentence. The backspace button tapped, reshaping the words. She wished they would come more easily, rather than having to be dragged, tearing her concentration into strips as they resisted from their well cushioned corners in her cranium.  This wistful expression did not make them change their minds. By the time the lesson ended, the backspace had viciously eradicated all but two sentences. Oh well. There would always be tomorrow, and the day after that, and the late night before the deadline…


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