The Nature of Our Love: A Sonnet

Well, I wrote this 2 years ago, I think. It cropped up again as I was going through my various school files…I seem to remember agonising over rhyming words and syllables, and then being really proud of myself for having achieved an actual sonnet. And then re-reading it a year later and counting up syllables and realising that actually, no, it wasn’t. And going back to trying to fix it so that it both rhymed and had the requisite amount of syllables (I think making sense didn’t matter any more.)

However, I still think it is my best attempt at a sonnet, ever. (which shows you how great I am at them, right?)

Shall I compare thee to raging fire?

Thou temper be just as fiery-fierce

And, just like all flames, you do aspire

To climb, high as the clouds you wish to pierce

And further, to reach beyond the distance.

Thou hair, which has oft’ been described as gold;

I think resembles more the brilliance

Of the blaze. Ah! The brightness of controlled

Inferno. So too your eyes radiate

Lit up with abandon, passion and zeal.

Your heated love, displayed at every date

Won’t last long, but in there is the appeal!

Though, sometimes, I cannot help but wonder

What would our love be like, were it water?


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