Tasteful Tradition

The steady drip of stained-brown drops

Echo rippling ‘tween the round warmed walls

And the memories of this act, done thrice a day

As constant as the passing of time (instead of rewinding the clock, they refill the pot),

Swirl with sugar and milk added to taste.

Drip. (time passes)

Drip. (Now it is this morning, and the feet are still snug from their ensconcment in blankets)

Drip. (Now it is yesterday’s tea break, scone crumbly-fresh from the oven and plum jam tangy-sweet)


Personally, I love the smells of tea; tangy, sweet and varied. I adore drinking mint tea or lemon verbena tea with a spoonful of sugar (this is not real tea: it does not contain caffeine. It is simply made of mint/lemon verbena steeped in hot water).

But I can’t actually stand the taste of tea. Not Earl Grey, not fruit teas, nothing…which is really sad, because drinking tea is a well established tradition filled with nostalgia, memories, and collectivity.

Does anyone know of a way to acclimatise oneself to teas, or know of a tea that you think I may enjoy?

What is your favourite tea and what does it remind you of?

– Let’s call me Lily




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