I Solemnly Swear

I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it!!!!

I still haven’t written down what I thought about the Day of the Doctor. Or the Hobbit, which I watched at the Premier on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I am going to do this. (I discussed it out loud so I still haven’t summoned the motivation to do so in writing, as it feels like I’m repeating myself)

I am going to do this. (before the year is out :))

Seriously, I’ll do this soon. They will be long reviews. It takes me ages to type them. I will do this.


Let’s call me Lily


2 thoughts on “I Solemnly Swear

  1. alexislives says:

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on “The Day of the Doctor”. I watched the World Premiere and long story short, I liked it. I still need to see “The Hobbit: DoS!”

    • Oh, wow~Someone actually reads my rambles? That is amazing!For that, you get an imaginary, incredible-tasting cookie (you can make it yourself and then pretend it’s from me, if you like). Secondly, I will definitely do it. Have faith 🙂 Long story short, I think I mostly liked it too.

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