Incommunicado, Amigos

Due to family plans which involve four weeks of going to the beach (basically, I don’t think we have anything else planned 😀 ) in various different places in NZ which are not home, I will most likely not be able to get access to the internet for the duration of our holiday.

As I don’t believe in queuing posts, mostly because it takes me an hour to write one so it’s just not feasible (sorry, I am sooo slow), and because I don’t tend to have a lot to say (unless I do), this blog will be a silent, empty ghost of gigabytes riding on the wi-fi of hesitant expectation until I pick it up again. I will not have much time to write next year due to school and life-related things, but I will pick it up again.

For one, I need to see season 3 of Sherlock , and watch The Time of The Doctor, although I’m not sure how with no internet contact or TV (I think we’re in tents for a week, there will likely be no TV), and inform the cyber-world of my obviously extremely important opinion (don’t stop breathing, because four weeks is a long time to hold your breath for my awe-inspiring review 😛 )

Have a gorgeous summer holiday, or an incredible winter holiday, and eat lots of scrummy, chocolaty, bad-for-you-but-oh-so-worth-it things!


Let’s call me Lily


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