Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Chapters 12-20, Live Blog

Hello everyone!

I’ve just gotten home from camp, and imagine my surprise when I receive an email informing me that Pottermore has opened up more of Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. So I’ll do a live blog now, and then other stuff will come trickling in later (although, again, procrastination, school, excuses, busy, busy)

Chapter 12:

  • Saw Moody – he has really long hair, wow! Promptly collected a prawn flavoured Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavoured Bean.
  • Knocked on the door…zoomed and made some portraits gasp: Alastair makes for a somewhat disreputable figure.
  • Pepper imp! Which refuses to be collected? And finito’d with the bar, and finito’d with the chapter

Chapter 13:

  • Poor Draco – no matter how cruel he is, he doesn’t deserve being turned into a ferret due to a painful spell! And here’s the bit of newspaper that so inflamed Ron.
  • Collected a bright green fanged frisbee and a galleon…and, oh dear, I’ve made Ravenclaw lose a point! My own house (sorry, fellow ‘claws)
  • There appears to be no zoom, so off I go to the next chapter!

Chapter 14:

  • Collected a chocolate frog card from the blackboard and made the spiders jump in pain (eurgh) and oh, that’s awful! Instead of a zoom, you hear laughter and Moody puts a spider under the Imperius, making it do cartwheels.
  • Oh! First time there are two moments so far – yay! Stephen Fry narrates S.P.E.W. while Crookshanks twitches his nose and the box of badges shakes. While Ron might not want one, we get to collect a badge, making us official supporters of Hermione’s noble cause. Homework scrolls unfurl, predictions of demise and suffering are made – Divination would be a breeze, right?
  • I have found a fizzing worm! Whatever that may be. The zoom provides access to 5 galleons, another glimpse of the fanged frisbee, and Sirius’ letter.

Chapter 15:

  • Beautiful Beauxbaton’s carriage! Unlocked some new content…which provides a few tid-bits, including the fact that Fleur Delacour fought in the battle of Hogwarts (as well as revealing that you can no longer copy and paste from the site)
  • Picked up some poison ivy, wormwood and a Palomino hair, as well as made the horses flap their gorgeous wings and lots of birds fly away in fright.
  • Oh, the Durmstrang ship is beautiful, if slightly menacing, especially with all that sea-fog.
  • Came across some seaweed, tubeworms and a limpet, made the waves crash around the ship, and read about Durmstrang Institute.

Chapter 16:

  • The Goblet of Fire bathes the room in red and I take a closer look at Harry’s name…and collected a pumpkin. Why is it Halloween?
  • Also picked up some batwings and aging potion from the centre table, and five galleons from underneath the left one.

Chapter 17:

  • Couldn’t find anything to do in the first zoom. In the second I found a chocolate frog, a dusty galleon, a Bertie Bott’s bean, and annoyed some portraits.

Chapter 18:

  • Oh, Goyle looks disgusting! But his badge is cool.
  • I can make Hermione remove her hands so I can see her teeth grow! And behind her is a galleon and horklump juice. In Snape’s classroom is a bezoar.
  • Moment two: a snuggly cupboard with an authentic-looking Rita Skeeter. Her quill writes as you hover the mouse after each line, and if you open her purse, you can unlock the Daily Prophet.
  • I also found a mushroom flavoured Bertie Bott’s bean, and something else which I find myself unable to collect. some spider’s legs, after taking a peek at the spider itself. And the door opens! You can see Dumbledore’s shoe and blue robe, but not much else.

Chapter 19:

  • Horned slugs in a dragon enclosure? How on earth have they survived? Also, what is a chocolate frog card doing in the egg-box? Maybe Charlie Weasley collects them as well 🙂
  • The dragons’ roaring resembles the wind, to me. Also, if you hover on the tail on the left side of the screen, it seems to act as a lever, and a dragon produces fire!

Chapter 20:

  • Last chapter: dragons!
  • Found some dragon’s blood, a chocolate frog card and horned slugs, and I made the Hungarian Horntail breather fire.


Well, nothing spectacular, and it seems that a lot of enthusiasm for Pottermore has died off, but I will continue doing these, I think. Now, to all the backlogged posts I needs must write (there is a list 🙂 )

– Let’s call me Lily


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