Late Night Baking: Display Number One

As a result of deciding at 10pm two nights ago that I wanted to do something with the blackberries we found and picked while driving back home from our beach holiday, I agonised over 5 different recipe books because I only had 320 grams of berries and most tarts/pies used 450 or 900 (and I was already replacing the type of berry).

I finally just made a regular crust, refrigerated it for 2 hours, and mixed cocoa and sugar into the blackberries for the filling.
By then, of course, I was too tired to wait for the tart to cool down before I ate it; I went to bed 🙂
So, these past mornings I had a scrummy tart with ice-cream for breakfast. It’s the first time that I’ve made anything from berries, as they are quite expensive here in New Zealand, so what we buy we eat fresh.

Here’s a resolve-destroying picture: ice cream for breakfast is so forbidden usually, right?



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