The Time of the Doctor

First of all, I forgot to post about this:

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

I think this is MORE awesome than the special itself….I loved it.
It is AMAZING. And funny. And has Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Peter Jackson in it. Watch it.

Secondly, The Dr. Who Christmas Special. In which nobody dies, again (except for Handles, but, you know, who is he even? He’s just an odd cyberman head). There is a photograph on Facebook, in which Steven Moffat is seen rubbing his eyes, and below is written: “Doesn’t he look tired?” This is a reference that comes from the David Tennant (10th Doctor) run, wherein the Doctor overthrows Harriet Jones’ government with 6 little words: “don’t you think she looks tired?” . It kind of sums up this episode, maybe the last few episodes of Doctor Who, for me.

The thing is, the 11th Doctor (I am going to use the less complicated naming of Doctors: Eccleston=9, Tennant=10, etc) run was quite long. And personally, I didn’t connect to this incarnation of the Doctor, to his companions, to the main arc of the  story line, as much. There a few episodes that I really loved; for example, the dinosaurs in space episode, and I believe that Matt Smith is an incredible actor, but overall I can’t really claim to be an 11th Doctor run lover. I recognise that Moffatt doesn’t write all the episodes, I recognise that he is trying his best and I definitely acknowledge that what he is doing is beyond anything I could ever produce.

However, he is currently directing and writing for two prestigious and popular shows which are running almost concurrently, and thus has the weight of two well-established fandoms on his shoulders, as well as pressure from past and contemporary adaptations such as Elementary, and that is a lot to bear. He must be incredibly busy. It’s admirable, in some ways. But, in other ways, I find it a bit…self-indulgent? Because I feel as if the Christmas Special, while knotting some threads, left others open, and that the episode in itself was a bit jolty. Matt Smith’s speech, his proclamation “Never tell me the rules!” seemed to be an echo of Moffatt’s frustrations at both fan criticism and, perhaps, the restraints in which he must operate. Meanwhile, his work in Sherlock is, in my opinion, much more fun, ‘lighthearted’, in tone as a necessity of the more comedic elements, but also just the feel of it. Sherlock feels ‘fun’. Doctor Who feels a bit tired. So why not step down from the helm as director of Dr Who and concentrate on Sherlock? It has been confirmed that the Conan Doyle adaptation is continuing, and Moffat could still write Doctor Who episodes, as he did when Russell T. Davies was directing. It would gift fans with a new, potentially exciting take for the 12th Doctor.

Anway, back to The Time of the Doctor. I’m still rather muddled about the setting of this in the timeline, as it’s a continuation of The Day of the Doctor, definitely, but seems to have also forgotten the ending of The Name of the Doctor…and as it is now Peter Capaldi’s turn to act as the Doctor, I’m unsure of how that conundrum is going to be solved. Somehow the Doctor and Clara survived being inside the Doctor’s DNA, or whatever it was, to come back in the Day and the Time of the Doctor, but as far as I know it hasn’t been explained yet? So that still confuses me, if you could shed some light on that I would be eternally grateful 🙂

The episode felt a bit bumpy, as I said, as we move very rapidly through Clara and the Oswalds, which was an amusing if short sequence, back to Christmas. And vice-versa. While I am glad that Moffatt didn’t decide to demonise any other Christmas ornaments (the trees, the snowmen, the baubles…), it didn’t feel extremely festive. While the score and set design is quite spectacular, as always, and the acting is good, arguably the best part of the episode was the ending. I have to say that I preferred the 11th Doctor’s farewell to the 1oth, as I felt that Russell T. Davies was milking it rather a lot, and I am still upset that Martha ditched her fiancee to somehow end up married to Mickey (as in, I object because of continuity reasons). Also, I didn’t really like the Ten Two ending, so, erm, yeah. Whereas Matt Smith’s farewell seemed a bit more understated, and I know that a lot of people shed tears when Amy Pond re-appeared  – it was a lovely touch. And Peter Capaldi has kidneys, and doesn’t like the colour of them, apparently!

I’m really looking forward to how Capaldi treats the Doctor…are you?

– Let’s call me Lily


2 thoughts on “The Time of the Doctor

  1. beckafly says:

    I have the exact same feeling about Moffat’s writing with Doctor Who versus Sherlock. I personally haven’t enjoyed some of the things he’s done, but I’ve liked some changes too. That aside,I am excited for Capaldi to step in as the doctor. I enjoyed his brief introduction in the Christmas special.

    • Thanks, nice to know there are people who share my opinion! It kinda feels like Moffatt is continuing Doctor Who as a pride thing, if you know what I mean? However, I did like Capaldi’s introduction…although I wonder why he’s forgotten to fly the TARDIS!

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