Parental Supervision? Nonexistant

My parents are in Australia for 5 days, ostensibly for a conference, but also to have a little celebratory holiday. Thus, I am in charge of the household: my 5 year old sister (bossy, thinks she knows best, argumentative and stubborn as heck) and my tweeny brother (moody, hates me, doesn’t listen to anything, stays up on the computer until he falls asleep in front of it), as well as the chook and the cat. This means I make my sister’s lunch and get her mostly ready in the morning, and then look after her after school and cook dinner and clean up and everything.
On the first day, my response to cooking was as expected: completely unprepared and frazzled. How on earth do you do it every day, parents?? I ended up making terayaki chicken instead of the oyster sauce, because it is meant for beef (for one thing), and also I don’t like oysters. It said 10 minutes on the packet…it took me an hour and a half to make this meal. (also, I started with grating the veges, but that was too small, so then I chopped them, and they ended up too big. Also, I managed to burn the sauce of the terayaki, so it’s quite dry). Trying to manage three pans and a pot of rice, and a busy-body, non listening little sister all at once is hard!Then I cleaned up and mopped the floors a bit and let the rice pot and saucepans soak. I re-iterate – how do you find the time, effort and desire to do this every day??!!??
Dinner was delicious in the end, though. I had to freeze some, there was so much chicken! (1.2 kg)
The next day: I was making dinner and dessert (slice thing) and trying to make my sister tidy up all at the same time…I forgot the egg. Which is okay. I do that all the time.
But I also forgot the SUGAR. 170 GRAMS OF SUGAR. (I had to add treacle and sugar on the top and hope it would caramelise. It did, partly. It’s mostly edible…)
I should not multi-task.
Dinner, on the other hand, came out fine.
On the menu today: Pizza and salad – scrumptious food, oh, glorious food! And not burnt, either. πŸ™‚ My sister helped grate the cheese, and taste-test the salad.
LivnΓ© Ore's photo.
What I found so annoying, though, is that my brother refuses to touch anything I’ve made. So instead of eating delicious pizza and salad, he decided he’d make his own, making a huge mess while doing so. It’s also really unsustainable, because he had to defrost the base in the microwave (I had defrosted the others naturally) and turn the oven back on, and use new dishes…and now he expects me to tidy up after him.
Only three more days to go! But I think this has been a really good lesson in realising just how much work everything is (and I haven’t washed the house or done the laundry or the dishwasher yet!), and that I definitely need to appreciate what my parents do for me more.
I wonder, does anybody else have siblings who behave like this? If so, my sympathy to you. It sucks.
– Let’s call me Lily

4 thoughts on “Parental Supervision? Nonexistant

  1. Well, Lily, keep it up, I do laundry/dishes/cleaning/food for 2 every single day (and then work 8+hours) – it is a hard life πŸ™‚ BTW, the dishes looks great! I could easily get a big slice of that pizza now…

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