Ongoing Conversations: The Problem with Writing it Down

Hello, this is me from 2014. Following a discussion with a friend, I re-read some things that I’d posted in regards to Iron Man 3, and let me tell you, me-of-2013, you missed A LOT. You also wrote in a very weird way.

So, what to do with you?

This is a question that I find myself facing more and more often: dated content. I wrote something, but now I don’t agree with what it was saying, or, more often, the way in which it was said – do I go back and re-write everything (which would take me years, I can tell, and I’d never post anything else…), or should I write new posts which link to the original and discuss my new thoughts, or should I just leave it?

As I haven’t been blogging for that long, especially not if I consider the veterans, who have been striding along for decades, I would really value your opinions on this one.


Let’s call me Lily


Why don't you tell me what you think?

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