The past two days have been unspeakably exciting. Literally.


First, there is a thing which I may not speak of yet, but which I assure you caused me to toss and turn, sleepless, for HOURS. Although that may have partially been caused by my lingering feeling of being at Rainbows End all day as part of a physics trip (I successfully coerced myself to go on the FearFall in the name of science, as well as trying out the new ride, StratosFear, which was lovely and gentle – on a similar fright level as the Pirate Ship in the “less extreme” version, and utterly TERRIFYING in the “more extreme” version.

That’s the FearFall on the left, and the new ride, the StratosFear, in the forefront. You are left dangling upside down for innumerable seconds *shudders from left-over fear*.

Secondly, and here is something I can talk about: this year I entered the 2014 Cap-Ironman RBB, because I thought it would be a nice challenge, especially as I no longer take art at school, and I thought it could be a great opportunity. (I’d like to note: I have mostly refrained from talking about fanfiction, shipping, etcetera – I think I have one post that’s still saved as a draft because I decided I didn’t want to go there – but I don’t ship. At all. I appreciate everything that is articulated well and has a plot, regardless of whether it is a published author’s work, or that of a hobbyist who is taking familiar characters and recasting them into a new scenario.) So, I sketched a picture. And an author chose me. We published our respective collaborative works on the 5th May, and ever since, I’ve been getting lovely comments about her story (and one about my art) in my inbox. It’s great 😀

Thirdly! As I wrote a while back, I publish some of the work in here on a website called TeenInk, because it tends to have a bit more of an orientation towards commenting and constructive criticism than wordpress does. Well, they publish a print magazine every once in a while, choosing between whatever has been written online. And today I received an email saying that my poem will be published in their print magazine!!! Which has approximately half a MILLION readers!!!!! This, this excites me 😀 The poem in question is called Open Window, Closed Door, if you’d like to read it 🙂 You can also search for it on the left, or click here for it on this site.


So, here’s to a happy Mother’s Day for everyone tomorrow, and let’s hope that some of my prodigious luck is distributed to you as you read this!

– Let’s call me Lily


P.S. Yes, reviews, I know. I am sorry. I am rather busy at the moment. They are (slowly being written). They will arrive.


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