Harsh Judgement for the Guilty

A potentially PhD-worthy question for today – why is it that the closer it gets to a stressful deadline, the more inclined I am to guiltily, ferociously procrastinate????


(I think I’ll go with physics here and blame inertia)


Seriously, I have an English exam that’s worth 50% of my grade, and I have to write two essays about four DIFFERENT texts that cannot be repeated, and instead of actually picking the damn texts already, here I am, whining about it on the internet after having spent an entire day doing nothing and watching ice Age 3 with my little sister.


It’s like that. Every time I go on the internet, or open my study book, it’s like my brain gives me this image next to something other than what I should be doing, and I look at it and go, yup, sure, might as well. And then I click.

The exam is this Tuesday. It’s in 3 days. Or, to be more precise, it’s in 65 hours and 32 minutes. I am screwed. And I am not doing anything about it, which is the most annoying part.


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