The Return of Movies on the Plane

As usual after only a month-long stay somewhere, there were no new movies. And hell – I’d unfortunately already gone as low as Divergent on the way to Ireland – what was even left?

Well, you won’t be surprised to hear, not much.

Mrs Brown’s Boys: A few episodes was all that I could stand of this Irish comedy tv series; it was alright, but not especially to my taste.

Avengers Assemble: An animated TV show version of Marvel’s The Avengers, geared towards kids, cobbled from various comic cannon and starting very abruptly in the middle though it said that it is the first episode of the first season… Marvel works in mysterious ways, but this resembled the train-wreck of bad fanfic, I swear! It is ridiculously cheesy. Hulk is very aware here, I’d say more like the grey version of the hulk. Also, who made Stark leader? That was a terrible decision; don’t they read their own comics?

Grand Piano: Why, Elijah Wood haven’t you…not seemed to age for the past decade or so? This was a tense Spanish thriller film, with a gorgeous music score.

Rio 2: It was okay, I guess. I wasn’t too fond of Rio 1, so the sequel wasn’t something I was looking forward to in the least, but at least Linda was great.

Pause for sunrise: no clouds and it was a gorgeous deep orange that faded straight into blue.

Monty Patron sketches: fun to watch, as always, but I’d seen most of them already.

The Lego Movie: Actually, put me to sleep. No joke. It was that wincingly cliché and terrible that I managed a nap. Then I wrote an essay.

Catching Fire: Was a surprisingly good film – it turned out better than the book, from what I remember!!! Then again they were awful books, the last two. Nice end of credits song, too, and the director chose an appropriate place to end. I look forward to seeing how they do the last one – I hope they don’t keep it just in Katniss’ perspective, or too much like the books. They could make it a decent series at this rate.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Kiera Knightly. Kenneth Branagh. Chris Pine. Typical spy movie. Nice that he was smart  for once, not meant to be an action man (at least theoretically). That annoying damsel in distress trope cropped up again, though.

And then, the flight ended, and I was home. (And very much glad to be so)


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