West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition

It’s always weird looking back at what you’ve written. And the urge to simply delete most of my posts is not something that I think will change. But when I come across competitions like this one, I do appreciate my restraint!

The deadline is November 30th, and it’s an online-based poetry competition open to all ages and nationalities, for any style of poetry, including published poetry that is still copyrighted. You can enter up to 5 poems.

As many competitions include blogging as a form of publication, this is a great chance to have a browse through works that you are proud of but never got the chance to enter into a competition.

Good hunting,

-Let’s call me Lily

P.S. These are the poems I’ve chosen to submit 🙂

  1. Please
  2. Let Them Not Be Forgot
  3. You think to carry my Heart?
  4. A Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  5. The Nature of Our Love


You can find You think to carry my Heart? here! Since it got chosen 🙂 (but did not win)


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