Companion Art for: Staring Into An Eclipse

BB2014 Final

My first piece of art, made for the 2014 Cap-Ironman Big Bang – the final version of it 🙂

I was trying to visualise what Tony’s headspace looked like when he had Extremis, which features in the story, and came up with the above; I quite like the contrast between the charcoal portrait and the very busy background myself, but if anyone is interested in seeing other ‘layers’, I’d be happy to post those up as well!

Firstly, I figured I needed a base code, so I covered the page in binary code (which was actually a translation of words, only I think I missed a couple of digits here and there). Then I wanted to reflect Tony’s time in Afghanistan, and his nightmares, which are always looming in his subconsciousness, so that’s where the explosions and the water come into the picture. The next layer is the white; those are semi-conscious thoughts, which mostly focus on improving the armour, because in my opinion, if he had Extremis, that’s a process that would become inherent to Tony’s mindscape; he wouldn’t be focusing on it all the time, certainly, but he’d be making those changes continuously. After that, there’s a layer of pencil, which you can’t really see, but that’s because it’s mindchatter, and I didn’t want to make it too obvious. Maybe you can find a ‘Steve’ or two? The last layer is made up of black blueprints and schematics, which Tony is currently thinking about on a higher level: the arc reactor, obviously, features pretty heavily, as do a couple of his current projects for S.H.I.E.L.D., and he’s experimenting with a new helmet shape that isn’t as potentially compromising, plus a new type of… something.

He’s a busy man, is what I’m trying to say!


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